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Can you get, or do you have, an SNS?
er, I say "mostly completely" because she's 4 months now, and we're rescheduling her WBV that was scheduled for tomorrow morning, because I don't want to infect other kids at the doc's office, (and I'm really too sick to be out of bed except to pump), and I don't want to give her vaccinations if it's possible that she's about to get sick. We'll reschedule for about a week or so.
Fiona is mostly completely vaxed. We spend so much time at Children's Hospital, that A: can't take the chance of her getting a vpd there, and B: can't take the chance of her spreading a vpd to much sicker kids than herself. Cora and DH and I have all gotten up to date on our Tdap, and just got our flu vaxes, mostly to protect Fiona. Along the lines of "correlation != causation", right after we got our flu vaxes, Cora got sick. Low grade fever, somewhat sore throat,...
What I do is discuss the book with DD1, and I make a recommendation and tell her why. She's not comfortable with sex scenes, but if they're incidental to the plot, she asks me to dog ear the pages so she can skip the scenes. I'm sure that at some point, she'll use my marking them as indicators of what to read first but I'm okay with that, since most of what I have done that with have been Mercedes Lackey books. The books that I've made the strongest recommendation...
invest in multiple sets of the horns/connectors/valves set. That way there's only a need to wash a couple of times a day. Hands free pumping bra FTW! I don't think I'd still be pumping, or pumping as much, without it. after the milk stops flowing, I turn everything off for a couple of minutes, then start again. About 20% of my total comes from this second letdown.
you know what sucks? When you're breastfeeding a baby, and you get sick, you can just bring the baby into bed with you (or have your partner deliver baby to you) all day. But you can't bring a pump into bed with you and set it to pump off and on without you having to wake up all the way. Ok, Ok, call the WAAAHmbulance...
Honestly, I miss DD1 now more than I did when she was little. She's in 7th grade, and nearly every day, I'm chomping at the bit waiting for her to get home. In the earlier years, I welcomed the break about half the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by rhiOrion You say you go around the county- I know people who use a hands-free pumping bra and pump while they drive. Some find this to be a horribly unsafe concept some go with the gotta do whatcha gotta do attitude. there is also a pump that fits in a bra, I think. It's a single electric, so you'd need two, and I'm sure it isn't discreet, but it'd work in the car, I'd bet.
In my state, if the woman was married at the time of conception, he's assumed to be the father.
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