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I have had that problem recently, too. I went to see our local breastfeeding guru, an MD, and she took a swab. The culture came back for enterococcus and staph! I'm on penicillin for a few days more now, and hopefully that'll be the end of that.
Llyra has the wise on this. Pyloric stenosis has clear signs, like the increasing frequency and the timing. Don't worry too much. The first time my DD1 vomited, she was a week or two old, and managed to get my roommate in the cleavage from several feet away, missing everything in between her and the cleavage! And this little one has been dubbed, "Fiona, Destroyer of Linens"
a few points I've gleaned in my reading (my dd2 has an actual oral aversion) that might be useful to you: If he likes puffed rice, how about small pieces of rice cake? Can he pick up and dip something? (I honestly don't remember if that's something 9-mo-olds do, it's been 12 years since I had one, dd2 is only 3 mos) Young toddlers looooove to dip. How about letting him play with his food? Like, finger painting with food on his highchair tray? Flavored healthy drinks...
Quote: Originally Posted by NYMOM07 what are they made of? when and how do you administer them?
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Amy~ I've never heard it pronounced with 3 syllables. I think Cath-er-ine would sound really weird and awkward. What about a different spelling? Kathryn is more obviously only 2 syllables.
we really like gumdrops. Well, we did before she stopped taking them, and hopefully she will again. One of the things I like most, that probably doesn't apply to you, is that, unlike the Soothies, there is a cutout area for the nose, and we can replace her ng tube while she sucks on it! But the best part is that they're WAY lighter than Soothies, so they don't fall out of n00bs' mouths the moment they lessen the suction just a tad.
I almost fell for this, and was all "wtheck?" until I saw the name of the thread author, then I knew what it'd be!
We saw the OT/PT folks at Children's Hospital on Thursday. We are officially battling oral aversion now. But at least we have a battle plan! We're working on bottle and binky trainer, hoping to eventually get her back on the boob. But even if we never get back to breastfeeding, we'll be happy just getting her off the ng tube and on to oral feeds. It's an uphill battle, as she's had an ng tube her whole life. But I have faith that we can do it.
considering that I have a real struggle finding time to pump during the day when Fiona won't fuss or need me for the length of time it takes, I'd LOVE to have my Dh have this!
DDCC also - All I know about their foods are that they're crazy expensive. Earth's Best is cheaper, and organic (I seriously cannot be bothered to make baby food in addition to all the care this baby requires, so if it can't be just squished with a fork, I'm going to buy it in a jar.)
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