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Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla As for your joke about the car- I would never spend that kind of money on a gift and just surprise somebody with it. Something like a car is something we'd pick out together, even if I was paying for it. I have to wonder if you're in that kind of a pattern- buying things FOR your kids when it might be more appropriate to take them shopping and let them pick things out themselves. Even the 5yo can be told "we're going to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Autumn Breeze Moved to Preteens and Teens. Hope you get some hep here thank you for your help and all the additional replies, but I was refering more to my 5 year old than my teen (with age she has gotten better!)
I joke that my oldest (now 14) is the kind of kid who, if received a car for her 16th birthday, would complain that it was blue, not red. I even went so far as to send her to a counselor for (possible) depression because nothing seemed to make her happy. She has since come out of it some...was much worse as a preteen, BUT I am noticing the same pattern emerging with my now 5 year old. Seems no matter what she does or gets, it's not good enough. She wants more or...
I've read a bunch of the other questions, but of course mine has to be different... I stopped bleeding at only 1 week pp...have not bled at all in at least 5 days. Today it has returned HEAVY and DARK. I normally wouldn't think much of it, but I am on blood thinners for a clot in my last pregnancy and am really worried about blood stuff now. I guess I feel OK...tired is normal for a new mama... I am exclusively bfing Will call my MW tomorrow if it keeps up, but...
She arrived at 304 am...details to follow, but she is nursing like a champ and I couldn't be happier (though I am EXHAUSTED!)
super quick betweem contractions... took a nap, woke up to "real" contractions about 330 every 5 mins...at hospital by 730...now 12 am, waiting for more antibiotics for the GBS + then breaking my water and getting this really going!!!
my 5th pregnancy, you'd think I'd know it all by now, but nope, they all have to be so different! Over the weekend I started with consistent 10 min apart contractions, but not painful so tried not to get excited...they went back and forth between 10-20 mins all weekend Monday the doc checked I was 2 cm, contractions really slowed all week Yesterday I thought I might be loosing my plug, this morning I did and stronger contractions were coming every 7 mins. Now they are...
Me, me, me tired, grumpy, uncomfortable, grumpy that about sums up the last few weeks and it is getting worse you are definately not alone!
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