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I  believe there is a slow and no vax group on Yahoo that has reported cases of CP in Sunnyvale. I'm not a member so I haven't read it personally. 
Just keep in mind it is illegal to us the mail to "ship" a virus. Additionally, I have never heard of it working.
I emailed you. Better get to driving to Utah! 
I'll keep you posted if I find any! 
We have a large group of Mamas on FB actively looking for CP. We thought we would try other sites with like minded folks.
Thank you.
Well I didn't say I wasn't vaccinating and I was debating vaccinations. But if you need to move it that's fine. I have posted on my Tribe area also. Thank you.
If you hear of any in Southern California we have a large group of families actively looking! 
Wonder if you found anyone. We had twins and had a homebirth planned. It is not illegal in the state of CA for a CNM to delivery twins. We unfortunately had to delivery at a hospital due to a concern with one of the babies.  
Looking for Chicken Pox in Southern California!  If you don't agree with pox parties just move along. This is not something I'm debating. 
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