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What exactly is in TIG? Does anyone know? Our ped is ok with not vaxing but did make a comment about how he felt that the DTaP was less risky than a TIG if she needed something acutely to prevent. I know it's a blood product, but is there anything else in it?
My 2-year-old dd has a white spot on the side of one of her front teeth. What is that? She has no dark spots and we usually brush her teeth 2 times a day (and she plays with the toothbrush all the time and chews on it). I was thinking that flourosis caused white spots but the only times that she's ever had flouride was when she got some of our toothpaste (I accidentally bought some Tom's that had flouride in it). She hasn't seen a dentist yet - is the recommended age...
wanted to sub because i'm trying to compile as much info about tetanus as i possibly can
Quote: Originally Posted by Purple Cat I also think regular WBV protect me in the event allegations of medical neglect are made because of my failure to vaccinate. Whether it's right or wrong, I think it's easier to substantiate and protect yourself against allegations of neglect if you can point to having obtained regular medical care for your child. Otherwise, I think you do make yourself more vulnerable to charges of medical neglect, especially...
thanks so much for the tips. is the applesauce for oil exchange just exact same measurements? any ideas on how to substitute eggs? i remember doing something with flax seed when I was no eggs a few years ago but am not sure if that is the best solution. i'm just hoping that i can somehow get a light and fluffy cake that is not super dense.
this has been a big discussion in our house lately. i mostly worry about excess worry during a pregnancy (i am a huge worrier by nature) and am nervous about dh's job security.
I might have to invest in one of these because our heating bill is outrageous for such a small home (old house, no insulation). I've always worried about the radiation though.
P.S. I only have about $300 left to pay on my car and if I can keep on with the snowball in the next several months I will be able to knock out a few credit cards, an ooooooooooollllld student loan debt, and we are planning on selling dh's Jeep and getting something a bit cheaper to cut our payment by 1/3rd, the total of which should free up close to $600/month!
I didn't catch the deals that were quite this good, but we did score some great xl twin stuff a few weeks ago there . It's so great that they carry that size!
Yay for Dave! He has completely changed our views on money in the last several months. I am so incredibly grateful for him! I was just up late trying to get back on track with our budget. Now...if dh's work would just pick up (he's an electrician and mostly works new construction so things have been pretty slow the last 6 months) we could do some serious damage with the debt snowball. At least there is a plus with us that all of these money scares have really made us...
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