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My dd just turned 8 and loved Harry Potter - Another loved series is Septimus Heap, which I think starts with Flyte (the other books are Magyk and Physix). She also liked Inkspell and Dragon Rider. Can't remember any of the authours off hand. Good luck
I am still nursing a 5 year old - and I haven't had very many negative comments (due mostly to my living in some sort of bubble world where everyone gets my point of view). I do, however like to repeat something my daughter said to me once: "Mama - I think I won't nurse when I'm 16 because I'd like to drive a car and that would be dangerous" My older daughter weaned herself a month before she turned 6 so I'm confident DD#2 won't be having her last nurse as we're heading...
We are reading a series called Dolphin Diaries which is quite good. Also My Secret Unicorn which is quite magical. I also second Cam Kansen. We've read Pippi and Little House - but had to talk a lot about the racism in both. My almost 7 year old is reading solo now at night and I'm glad we covered those two before she statrted reading alone. I had forgotten (or maybe not noticed as a child) the racism.
I tandem nursed on demand until dd#2 was a few weeks old. Then I limited DD #1 to 3 nursies a day - she was 2 and a half at the time. She happily nursed 2X a day with her sister and once "Just with mama". We did this until DD #1 weaned at almosy 6 years old. I too had some negative feelings toward the end of my pregnancy about nursing my older child. For me, part of it was feeling conflicted and stressed about parenting a second child in such an absolute way - attuned...
We have a full Barbie ban in effect at our house - she creeps me out; but inherited a huge amount of polly pockets from a cousin and play with them a lot. I like to imaginative play nad the complex scenarios my kids come up with. Polly just seems so small and harmless - and those rubber clothes are so funky! I think in some ways it's arbitrary for me - Barbie just bugs me. My niece has Bratz and my girls have played with them at my Mom's but they are REALLY creepy....
My mom used to can "soup mix" which was fresh carrots, corn, tomatoes, peppers and other veg. How about some kind of mix with a recipe for how to make it into a unique soup? As a kid, I remember loving our soup mix with chicken stock and rice.
We used Serenol (a homeopathic remedy) when our dd had night terrors. It worked really well. It's made by Dolisos which is a Canadian company, but I think you can order it on-line. Good Luck - you are doing all the right things, it sounds like she really needs you right now!
My f-i-l was diagnosed almost 6 years ago. He had a successful stem stell transplant and is doing really well. He lives in Vancoucer and had his transplant at the end of January 2000. He wanted to come to Toronto to meet his graddaughter before the transplant (myy dd Simone was born inJ anuary 2000) - he still says she was a great big motivation!! . Because we were so far away, we didn't witness firsthand the effects of treatment, but from all accounts it was risky...
Nutritional Yeast on popocorn - YUMMY! We take multi-vit's the gummy bear kind in the winter (I don't know why I think it's more important then) and liquid echinacea. Jenn
My eldest daughter had one vaccine (dpt) at 10 months. We had struggled with the decision and as the needle went it I knew we had made a mistake. She subsequently got pretty sick (extremely high fever) and we decided not to repeat. She is in school now and I've filled out the exemption form as though she hasn't had any vax. In Ontario where we live, this means that we'd need to keep her home during an outbreak of any of the vax-able illnesses. Good Luck jenn
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