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Aloha! I rarely visit MDC anymore, but happened upon your post.  Dr Walko is my kids' ped and she is awesome!  She's an excellent doc.... talks a lot-- but will listen to you and your kids and is a great diagnostician.  Like all docs, she can be quick to give antibiotics (esp for ear infections), but respects that I only want to use them if necessary. She's also been very supportive with me no vaxxing.   Dr Hu is not a ped.  She's nice, but I would choose Dr...
Last I heard all pregnant women in the state can get coverage. Call your local Quest office (not sure if it's still called that tho)-- but you'll probably have to be pregnant already to get it. OR... would your employer consider bumping you up to over 30 hours (I think that's what the cut off is) and give you benefits? good luck
I think she could sew on any decent machine- one cool feature my newer machine has that my old metal machine does NOT have is a speed control. When little ones sew on my new machine I can put the machine to sew at a tortoise, where I sew at the hare. It's easy for them to be careful and go slowly that way
there are very few specialists on the island full-time. mostly you have to fly to Oahu for big things. many do come over for a day a week or one day a month, and they pack in their appointments.
I live near Hilo and have for 15 years. The vog has been definitely a lot worse over the past year when the plume started coming from Halema'uma'u crater. Previously we'd have a couple of weeks a year when it affected us- usually in Dec/ Jan. However, now we get it a lot more. I still love living here, and am not moving anywhere, but I would say that it's really bothersome (no asthma issues), and nasty. In the last couple of weeks I've woken up tasting sulphur in...
Well I can't say that money was NO object, but we just built our off grid homestead. We're conveniently located only 8 miles from town, but our land is between two streams, so we don't have any close neighbors. Our house runs completely on solar, and we catch all of our water The house is cedar and simple, yet completely beautiful. The center of the house is open to the sky and we have a fish pond in the middle. Our big splurge was building a pool. Our whole...
Mayor Kim is SO on my list of bad people these days. WTF was he thinking??? The bill passed the county council, in part, because there was such HUGE public opinion. He totally went against what his constituents want. What a loser..... I guess it's easy to do stuff like that when you're not up for reelection......... and he's a nice guy. too bad.
My kids are selectively vaxxed, and the school nurse did TRY to give me a hard time- I think I chose the non-religious exemption ( can't quite remember). But I just told her I was opposed to some of them, and left it at that. We've not done a huge amount of schooling (preschool and then not again until 7th grade), but I've had no problem- really. I got from the Dept of Health back in the day when my son went to preschool (and I had to pick up the form from there)...
When you send you kids to school (assuming that's why you're asking). The school will give you an exemption form to fill out. It's been pretty painless for me.
http://hawaii.gov/hdoa/ai/aqs/info there's a link to a pdf in there about the less-than-5-days quarantine
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