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Have you been to Europe? If possible, a visit would help to get a feel for things that you like. Do you want your children to go to school in Europe? How old are they? Different countries have different rules about schooling (for example, the ability to speak the language - some countries do not have our version of "English as a Second Language"). Going to school would help to integrate you into a community, if you are inclined that way. I found Germany and...
I read the Bode Miller bio. His grandmother was a ski racer (in the 1940s) and a ski instructer. His grandfather dreamed of owning a ski resort and opened one (although not overly successful). At the ski resort, they also ran a tennis and soccer camp. He lived on the land that his grandparents owned (where the ski resort was). I think he and most of his siblings are very good skiers. And the youngest sibling is into snowboarding. Not to take away from...
This is great!! I am in. Don't know about my partner but I am so in. I am actually looking forward to it. I think we have too much stuff and really don't need anything. Spring
Maybe your husband is really worried about the finances and is worried about providing for one child let alone two. As a baby, the second child may not cost you a lot but there are other expenses (insurance, doctor visits, orthodontics, college). There are so many unknowns - you could be spending a lot on speech therapy or inhalers or just on a naturapath for eczema. Your little baby hippo is still quite young. It may be a bit much for your dh to think about...
Glass Pitchers. There are a lot of interesting ones that are not too expensive.
And a bigger house is so much more work. More than you might think. I would stay. In real estate, they always "location, location, location". PS What is the 60% solution?
I understand Melda! I hate it when people say someone "caused" the behaviour of another person. Maybe not putting the TP on the roll was a little lame. So what?! I don't get the idea you did it to irritate your partner or get to him. His behaviour on the other hand, was mean-spirited. He could have just told you that he would really like the TP on the roll (like he is in an adult relationship!!!). Tummy, saying she causesd the problem is a bit akin to...
They are great. One year, a relative flew to my house on Christmas Eve. They couldn't wrap their presents b/c the security people want to see what you are flying with. When they got to my house and saw that I had bought a bunch of bags for them, they almost cried. It so simplified their Christmas and they made me promise to only use those bags for exchanges with them. So, every Christmas we pull out the same bags and it is very easy.
My child's teacher suggested "Writer's Express" as a reference for grammar and writing. Everyone gave GREAT examples! Spring
I am glad that you found a good solution. I am really annoyed about the exclusive contract. If you find a way to write Garth Brooks, could you let us know? Thanks, Spring
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