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My favorite thing about baby wearing is that it allows me to care for my two older children at the same time as snuggling my baby close. I think it also helps the older siblings adjust in a more peaceful way to sharing Mama with yet another person.We don't grow a third arm when we become mamas unfortunately, but baby wearing is the next best thing. Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful baby carrier!
I am with you on this one. I am only 4 weeks out but I lost my sex drive for almost a year with my second child, i think i need ovulation to have a sex drive.
Thanks for getting back to me Italiamom. Unfortunately Ed Hoffman Smith only takes the OHP open card, not care Oregon. I tried to see him for a prenatal test when I was pregnant but found out he didn't take Care Oregon, I really wish I could go to him he is highly recommended by the Birth Center my daughter was born at. Thanks for the other recommendation I will check it out. I appreciate advice from other parents rather than just going in to see whoever takes my...
Hello, I am hoping to find a Pediatrician or family doctor who is okay with delayed vaccinations or not vaccinating. I live in Portland so anyone in the surrounding area would work for us. Hoping someone had a recommendation. I am hesitant to just take my kids to anyone who takes OHP we have the Care Oregon plan. I would like someone I can trust and who wont pressure me to follow the mainstream. Thanks so much!  
I am only 7 days PP and I think I have Mastitis! I have been in bed all week recovering from the hemorrhage and now I have a fever of 101.7 and really sore painful breasts. I have the chills and feel weak and have had Mastitis before that went away on its own without antibiotics. But I got very sore nipples this time with blisters and I think that is how I got this :( from a bad latch. Any tips on how to clear this up a.s.a.p? Being anemic is hard enough without having...
n     Nalah Penelope, 9lbs 7 0z! Born March 6,at 11:30pm, 16 days past her due date!
Congrats OdinsMommy! I hope you are feeling positive about your birth and are enjoying your new blessing! Our babes share a Birthday, after all that waiting! Isn't is fantastic we don't have to wait anymore!   My beautiful baby girl, Nalah Penelope was welcomed earth side on March 6th at 11:30 pm (16 days after her due date!) weighing 9lbs 7 oz! The birth went so fast, my water broke at 10pm, we got the the birth center at 10:30 and she was born around 11:30!  I...
Odinsmommy- I am thinking of you and hope you are in baby bliss.
Thank you!
My henna belly @ 40 weeks. I am currently 42 weeks and still waiting to meet this babe!
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