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Mine is people who seem to have no control over their usage.   I have a cell phone, and Ipad and a lap top but every one knows that I am not available 24/7. I have no problem turning my phone off. Out to dinner, family meal time, at the movies, out shopping, where ever. And pretty much any time we are all together the phone is shut off. I also have no problem not answering the phone/text.  That why I love caller ID and vibrate.    But when you have a kid and you...
every other week when the cleaning people come. best 2 days of the month!
very cool!
My brothers is small and only has 3 fish but he says its a bear so I can imagine.   Have you seen the koi pond app for Iphone? When I get stressed It calms me right down, LOL.
  Jane=   I meant to add to my post that I love the photos of your fish! My brother has small koi pond but yours?  Wow!  Is it a ton of work?
Oh yeah, that is *exactly* what she did. The same way that virtually every stand-up comedian has done since...well since babies were being born.  People need to get a sense of humor.     Like this site http://www.quotegarden.com/pregnancy.html   or even better-Dave Barry> These are from "Babies and Other Hazards of Sex."     http://www.quotegarden.com/pregnancy.html  
Do you a work agreement? A job description? A contract? If you don't now might be the time to sit down and discuss to formalize expectations.
I am so very sorry your loss. I am glad you are surrounded by family. May they give you the love, joy and strength you and your children need.   I will remember Ben in my prayers.  
I wouldn't say idiot either. Unless you are lactating woman, have experience with lactating woman who pump or are involved in such a field that gives you said experience I don't know how you would know how a breast pump works. They have been trained to look for wires, tubing, etc. I would have thanked him for being thorough and moved on.   My husband was still pretty  when he first witnessed my pump-in-style in action. Especially when I first plugged it into the car...
Not sure why you care about the opinion of your nosy neighbor? As the parent you have a more informed POV on who is the better caregiver for your child. If you are happy with the arrangement and she brings it up again just smile, nod and change the subject.   We all have preferences about people.  I love all my siblings but prefer to hang out w/ just a couple of them. Is my preference obvious? Maybe, LOL!  I also prefer a few of nieces/nephews more than others but...
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