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As long as it is comfortable for both the parent and the children I think free-range parenting is a great philosophy.  However like most philosophies (A/P, CC, etc) you will find parents who take it to one extreme or the other. And you will find that one persons "free range" is another persons complete and utter freakout. So these days I try not to "label" how I raise my son.    My child is "free range" in the sense that he has been given multiple opportunities to...
No but I had an oversupply. Even when my son self weaned he continued to have BM for a loooong time.    Oh wait!  I completely forgot! A few years ago I was cleaning out my pantry and found an sample can of enfamil! I remember laughing because I had NO recollection of putting in there.  So I guess I *did* have an emergency can not that would have helped me in a true emergency. Kind like I can never find a flashlight when the power goes out...   I think it is...
I am and I admit I am.  Not necessarily the Internet for Internet sake, it is more site specific but I feel it when I can't get on.  I get antsy, am afraid I might miss something.  It's really stupid.     I keep threatening my family that we need an electronics free vacation.  One of those places on the beach with no electricity. Bonfires at night, transistor radio. Then I think who am I kidding!
no.  Even when my son was infant we didn't.  He was going to bed at 6:30!! I was barely getting home from work. Even as a toddler/older kid it was "off to bed, big kiss and see you soon".   He went thru stages when he had trouble sleeping, I would lay down with him and promptly fall asleep myself, LOL but those were few and far between.
Well it has been nine days since my surgery and my eating plan has gone to hell in a hand basket, once of the reasons I have not posted that much. While my post op went well I can anticipate being in a boot for 4/6 weeks and won't be able to drive until my ankle can support my full body weight.  The good news is that provided I can get in and out of the pool OK I should be able to start swimming!!   So I am trying to eat light, but I refuse to beat myself up.  I need...
Glad to hear it!  Good luck
I find the subscribe button doesn't work if the page has not fully loaded. It is the same with the reply section.  If I don't see the edit menu at the top of the reply box (where you can change font, bold, etc) then I know my reply will get lost and that I can't subscribe via the subscribe button either.  I either have to refresh the page (if you are replying make sure you "copy" your reply first or you lose it) or wait and see if the page ever fully loads.   I use...
i too must hit the hay! until we meet again.......thanks for a great night!
damn!! I have been waiting for you to show up! I'll be takin what ever you be makin!  
I only mix my Kool-aid with vodka. When I do however I, alas, can not drive.
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