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 you all are way too kool!    
Ok, complete giggle over here!!     
  is it bad that it took me a minute to realize MF was Majikfaerie and not Mutha F....   meant affectionately of course...
mmm Bailey's. it is not just for breakfast anymore!   Do tell of this bartender?  I am need of a libation! 
Wait.  What???? Pie????   I will take blueberrie please! 
Hmmmm Lets see.....   I like sunshine and puppies,  In fact we hope to have a new puppy arriving soon. Our poor lonely girl needs a dog friend and my son needs a "big" dog, not a little rug rat like our lonely girl.   My favorite food is pizza, coffee and yes...cake. oh and flying pig chocolate! to die for!!    I have been married for TWENTY years and truly believe in "murder yes, divorce never".    No to the knee socks but I think loafer socks are the...
  Did you say cake??   I am in! ( pulling up a chair, a fork and glass of wine)
Well I have been eating way too much and (obviously) not exercising at all.  I did not think it would be this hard.  I am holding out hope I can at least maintain!   I totally understand how you feel about the vision in the mirror. I am constantly asking myself "how did this happen??"  I find myself wishing for magic wand to make it all just go away. But alas my fairy godmother never arrives!   So say after me: Slow and Steady wins the Race!. We did not get here...
  Ha, just saw this.  I would call around, my stomach waits for no one!
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