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was just going say check out teavana. They have a great selection    
  Maybe buts that the beauty of the internet vs real life.  You can shut off your computer/shut down the site and walk away. It's not like you have to see those girls on the playground again tomorrow.  
6/8: day two, round two, Accelerate:   2 eggs scrambled w/ feta green tea   turkey burger romaine salad xtra large DD ice coffee w/ a little cream    6 oz greek yogurt 1 cup strawberries   exercise: managed to drag my ass to the bathroom 4 times, let the dog out once. 
Guess I figured it was all "sticks and stones". I don't need my big brother to protect online like I once did on the playground    
If its a minor thing than it totally depends on how I feel about the neighbors. When I don't like them everything annoys me and I so want to shake my cane at them, LOL.      
You are not going to be "protected" if you do and say something stupid. And if you don't then you don't need protection anyway.  Seriously, how can an internet message board protect against hurt feelings?  How do you even moderate that w/o going back to old UA? I had quite a few warnings from the mods and have had my ass handed to me by some members. You get over it and move on.    
mmmmm.  Cake!   
Hey frown all you want here!!!  We got your (cyber) back!!   I think the outfit sounds good, you could wear the jacket either way but conservative is good for a senior living place.   In term of confidence I would start practicing your interview skills now.  Do you have a someone who will come role play with you or maybe do it over the phone.  Your confidence will build once you practice. Also, as bad as it sounds, the more practice you get the better it will be...
Kat- I also want to say that you start all these threads with a big frownie face. I know how you feel and its hard.  But.... (don't you hate the buts) you need to make sure you are prepared to be positive during this process. You need to be prepared to answer questions about why you want to go back to work. Wanting more $$, a bigger home with a washer/dryer, etc is huge motivation for you but might not be to a potential employer. I am not saying you need to lie but you...
Is it an industry specific job fair or one w/ lots of different businesses?   While looking,cneat, clean and put together is a given in almost any field I ask because if it is industry specific you want to dress in a way to conveys you get the business. Showing up at a super casual internet start up/creative interview in a suit/tie says you don't get it. In the same way that someone who showed up at my old company (corporate retail) for an entry level job wearing...
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