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I have a big ham bone with lots of yummy meat still attached.  I love a good split pea soup or navy bean soup but my husband and son don't. I am trying to find some creative ideas to use the bone.  I was thinking kale soup maybe??  Would love any ideas/recipes.   TIA!
    I just don't think you can stereotype suburbs vs city/urban
Ok- that is the most bizarre example I have heard yet. They should be ashamed of themselves     
I was wondering this too. It must be a very hard place to be in because at face value many things can look benign to one person willing to give the parent the benefit of the doubt but to another may be interpreted as a horrendous window into what *must* be ongoing abuse .   A parent screaming/telling/shaming their own or someone else's child on playground.  Bad day or abuser? A parent forcing their child to do something while they child screams no, mommy no!!...
I am so sorru for you loss.  May this hopefulle bring you some confort       http://rainbowsbridge.com/
We have a Y membership for $79 a month but we all use that....   Hockey in the fall/winter runs about $500 w/o equipment but including skate sharpening, replacing mouth guards etc   Lacrosse in the spring/summer runs maybe $150?   TKD (yearly) anywhere from 2-5 days a week runs about 1K a year so about $80 bucks a month   Then there are the occasional camps: Lego mind storms, robotics, etc and a week or two at summer camps   And the occasional classes...
so tragic and sad.
I have used the amateur gourmets recipe with great success.  I use the fat to fry up the duck's liver. yum!!   http://www.amateurgourmet.com/2009/05/how_to_roast_a.html   Personally I don't sugar coat where our food comes from so *I* would tell my kids it was duck same as he knows we eat cows and chickens, even bambi! 
      Does breakfast becomes lunch and if they don't eat it then does it becomes dinner?  What about dinner? Does it become breakfast the next day? Where do you draw the line?   
The tattoo artist who did mine had all of his children tattooed "for security reasons". He wanted them to have a hard to find/easily identifiable marker in case of kidnapping.  He was kind of an alarmist.    that said the OP is not providing enough detail.  Parents do lots of "illegal" things everyday that don't actively harm their children so that bears no weight for me. I don't see how this is different then allowing a child to have a body piercing (ears nose,...
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