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Quote: Originally Posted by LizzyQ I LOVE my sons' Ped. She is Suzanne Holbrook at Alpine Medical. She doesn't retract foreskin and as no problems with not vaxing ETA: the office is in SLC near SL Regional. Just wanted to thank you for this recommendation. We chose Dr. Holbrook on your advice, and have LOVED her. When she saw that I hadn't circed my son, she actually said, "Good for you!" (We haven't had any pressure on vaxing at all either...
I'm Heather, just moved here (right before the storm!) with my dh and 4 year old dd. We are expecting her brother and sister via a surrogate mother in April. I'd love to meet up with you guys!
Me! And I would be happy to help you out with whatever you need - I'll even co-lead if you need someone. Feel free to PM me!!
Quote: Originally Posted by BRmama We'll be there at 11:00 too. KailasMommy Here's the link to the discovery museum: http://www.discoverygateway.org/ Oooh, that looks great. Looks like a good place to send DD with the grandparents while I'm learning to nurse twins, too. Yes, we are sad to be leaving Hawaii, but we are really so excited. We can't wait to buy a house (for less than half a million) and buy bread (for less than $5).
Thanks for the ideas! I love the idea of the Open Classroom school, but we have such a busy spring coming up (expecting twins via a surrogate mother) that I think we would be bad co-opers. I will check out the Lab School!
I am looking for a long shot - we are moving to SLC in a few weeks, and I would love to find a part-time program that has room for my 4-year-old DD. Does anyone have any leads on preschools in the area? I saw something about a Waldorf preschool posted here some time ago, but it looks like it's not in business anymore?
Thanks guys! I would love to join you in January, if you don't mind. I am going to have to get used to the winter driving thing fast - we are moving back to the mainland after 6 years in Hawaii.
Hi mamas! I am moving to SLC in a few weeks and I'd love to meet you all. Are there any mamas with older kids? My dd is 4.5, but we are expecting twins via a surrogate mother this spring. Does anyone have a link to the Discovery Museum? I'd love to check it out.
Fascinating...my dd has the big old frenum with a gap between her front teeth and had the decay right there on the front of her top teeth. Sure is true for us!
I had an ND want to test my daughter with the urine test after she had a slightly elevated level in her blood (tested by her ped.) She explained that it actually is a chelating agent that is used, and when I expressed discomfort with this, she said that there was also a chelating cream. What she couldn't explain is why it would be necessary. She mentioned that it did something like "measure the lead in the tissue" rather than the blood, so gave a more accurate picture of...
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