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Quote: Originally Posted by AdinaL butterflyma...you are pregnant?!!!?!?!?!?!?! WAAAAHOOOOOO!!!! Adina~ Thank you TTC was quite the journey, but pg has been smooth so far. How are you?
That is wonderful NightRose Congratulations.
Fantastic! Just hearing about 130 im injections makes me feel : ! I guess I totally lucked out, I'm just now weaning off of the oral progesterone.
I use flax seed oil. I haven't read anything about flax seed oil being inadequate. But, and this might be poor reasoning, I think that my son turned out absolutely brilliant, and he didn't get any fish oil in utero.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoodWillHunter Hey, butterflyma
This is my second vegetarian pregnancy (and 0 omnivore pgs ). I've been very hungry w/both, but it never dawned on me that my vegetarianism was the reason. I work to make sure I get in at least 80g of protein a day, and I find that means a lot of fat. I'm avoiding fruit/sugar as much as possible, because I don't want to burn through my calories too fast. In my last pregnancy I gained about 50 lbs , but lost it all within 4 months.
Thanks for all of the warm welcomes. Tamitha~ that's so crazy that 3 of us have the same due date- I can't wait to see how the birth dates fall! So far my pregnancy has been pretty smooth- I've been exhausted and had nausea for extended periods of time, a mysterious episode that I think was migraine related and my left leg is numb along the front, but I can't complain. pookel~ my pregnancy was planned, but I still find myself way less attentive to the minutia...
Thank you
Brandi, 29 EDD 8/7/07 This will be my 2nd child, DS is 2.5 We're planning a mw assisted waterbirth, again. DS came 2 weeks early, so I'm afraid that I'll end up being a July mama.
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