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Just wanted to let you guys know that my dd finally went to her music class. I don't care if she just goes to this one. She did it and I'm so happy. I also wanted to thank you Embee because I started buying more drawing/craft supplies for my dd because of your post. I think it is therapeutic for her because she can do things at her own pace her own way. No scheduled time, no class with a million people in it. So we have a zillion paintings and pictures.
May I join in? I realized that I'm more of an unschooler except I hate to admit it my 4 yr old dd who should be in JK in a school is in a pre-school which really is a school readiness programme. : Anyway she never wants to go and hasn't for the past two weeks so I think the unschooling way is the way to go for us. Sorry for the long preamble. Today, we read books in the morning. Made heart shaped pb&j sandwiches for lunch. Played with barbies. Listened to...
My 4 yr dd has the same problem. If there is no activity she turns on the TV herself and it always is a battle. I'm going to try some of these activities too to see if we can stop turning on the TV.
My dd is 4 and should be in JK. Today we made prints with potato prints, painted a little pumpkin, sang some songs and played. Is it ok if I join your thread?
I know this is a big question. I'm homeschooling my 4 yr dd and I'm a bit anxious about her falling behind with her reading.After chatting with the mothers at her ballet class I started worrying that I'm not doing anything to teach her how to read. They said they are using phonics and tracing letters to teach their children how to read. At the same time, I want her to enjoy learning so I don't want to force her to learn to read. I want it to be fun. What are your...
Wow I just read the posts to this thread and I was fascinated. After breastfeeding a four year old and still going there were many benefits I was not aware of.
I voted. I read some of the message boards and I was shocked. I can't believe someone would be so upset at a child bf'ing because they have teeth. They aren't hurting anyone. I NIP my 4 yr dd and I am amazed that someone would be so disgusted with me.
Thanks! I'm a bit embarrassed about that post. : I have to work harder at PP.
It actually isn't going so great. I thought it was a such a good day. We had a great trip to the library. We got out even though it rained. A friend of mine with a daughter my dd's age invited us over for dinner and my dd had a full scale temper tantrum because she wanted to watch the rest of a video. If I let her watch the rest of the video we would be way too late and she would be a mess because she goes to be at 8pm. So she cried and screamed and I just gave up...
Thank You for that post Em. I was just recently in tears. We tried to go to music class and it was such a flop. She cried and screamed when we approached the building then ran away from me. It was such a big emotional blowup. I know she is a sensitive child. She likes to play by herself most of the time. She gets scared easily by loud noises etc. But it was so overwhelming how scared and upset she was. It lasted about 20minutes until I agreed, "OK no music class"....
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