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I read Playful Parenting a while ago, in fact I read it when my dd was having problems going to preschool. She just would'nt go. She would chase me down the hall. She would scream no,no,no. She would catapault(sp?) from the stroller when it was belted. So we stopped going and I played a lot of PP games with her: wrestling, bringing preschool into a game with dolls etc. At that time she totally withdrew: she didn't want to go anywhere or do anything other then watch...
My dd nurses to bed, sometimes during the night, sometimes in the morning and sometimes during the day if she is bored or anxious. I still NIP too.
-incorporating more fruits and veggies into our diet. For lunch there is usually cut up carrots, celery and fruit. For dinner a veggie side dish. -eating only organic meat usually organic beef once a week the rest of our meals are without
Mrs. Fatty, we do eat meat. We don't really avoid anything. I just try and provide semi-healthy meals. Although our pizza ordering really doesn't meet that criteria.
After another night of pizza, I'd like to have some backup meal ideas and supplies in my freezer and pantry. I don't have a chest freezer so I can't make big meals and stick them in there for later. Does anyone have any ideas?
Wow, I'm so happy I read your thread. My 4 yr old dd fits your description and we are homeschooling her for this year. I had the same concerns as mentioned. I was very relieved to read the replies you received.
I nurse a 4 year old too. She nurses every day usually when she wakes up and when she goes to sleep and throughout the night and once or twice a day when she is bored or upset or anxious. She actually nurses a lot more than any other four year old I know. So it sometimes worries me. I feel relieved that there other four year olds out there more like her. I also feel so uncomfortable when we nurse in public all the comments and looks. But you know what I've...
Thanks so much for all your replies. My eyes were tearing up while I was reading it. I felt a lot of relief reading your posts. I never know where I stand on this subject. Yesterday I told dd I didn't want to nip at the park or at other people's houses. She said, "I'll only breastfeed if I feel sad." I think it is important for her to nurse, she's really sensitive and it helps her a lot. I think I'll nip if she wants it.
Every time I nurse dd in public that is my question to myself. Today my friend was questioning weather my dd even needs it in public when she could easily drink a cup of milk. I've said no to dd in public because I've worried about what people would think and she and I had such a huge battle that at least 20 people stared at us, her grabbing my shirt and pulling it up. I think it is ok to breastfeed at 4 so why shouldn't I think its ok to breastfeed in public and what...
Thanks. I've just checked out Unconditional Parenting out of the library so its reasssuring that you suggested it. I'm going to reserve The Sensitive Child out of the library and Hold On To Your Kids.
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