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Has she been seen by her vet since the last rabies shot??    Sounds like she should get a check-up, maybe by a new vet.
Your dog, obviously, prefers grass to gravel.  Clear out some of the gravel and plant sod or grass seed the area.  Make it her own special place (no children allowed to play in that area!!).  You can buy scent marker to make the associated smell in that new area.  If you can afford it, fence it off.  Or place a tether anchor and attach her leash to it and wait for her to do her business.  When she does, praise her, clean it up immediately and release her.  Make sure you...
Put a piece of cardboard on the gate side opposite where the dog is.  He won't be able to pull that down.  Attach it with zip (cable) ties.    When / if he barks, put him in another room (preferable a room you don't use much) and close the door.  He'll learn that barking = banishment.  Think of it as CIO for your dog.  He'll stop barking.  Put his bed in there, as well as some water.    When you let him out of the room, if he barks, back into the room.      He'll...
Keep the dog out of the kitchen.  Either close the door or put up a baby/pet gate.  Hang a towel over the gate so that do cannot see rabbit (and, rabbit cannot see dog).
HPT can be false.  See your health care provider.
Get thee to the ER!   No insurance?  Well, they've had people without insurance before.  You wouldn't be the first.   You need to be seen and treated.    What about your children?  Haven't they been seen by a doctor and treated???. 
I'm embarrassed to admit I'm from Washington and not proud of my state.  Obviously, the majority of voters were smoking on election day.   Pot would NEVER be visible in our home.  In our opinion, it is a drug and should be illegal.    We have every hope that the current pot law will be changed and it will be made illegal, once more.
Why is she being treated by doctors?  Why a chiro?   Perhaps her motion sickness is involved with whatever heath issues she has.
Our (now) 15 yo Ds had mumps years ago (I think he was around 6 or 7).  Our doctor came over (yes, our doc makes house calls!) and said it was mumps.  No big deal.  He told us to call him if ds had any testicular discomfort and that was that.  Ds recovered with no problems.    Ds has never had the mmr and our doc is fine with no vaxxing.  Having mumps is not the end of the world.  I'm 55 and I had mumps when I was little (and, most of my little friends had them, too).  I...
Your house, your rules.  EVERYBODY helps keep it clean.   Why is she living with you?  Does she go to school?  Work part-time?   If she doesn't like the rules, she can move out and find somewhere else to live.
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