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Call the office and ask, politely, what their policy is regarding selective or non-vaccinating patients.  Tell them you don't want to waste their time (or, yours) with an office visit, only to find that you have 2 different views on the subject!  If possible, I'd ask to speak to one of the staff nurses (sometimes, receptionists will say anything to snag a new client).  You don't owe them any explaination as to why you are choosing not to vaccinate.  If pressed and you're...
  Point out to me, please, where I "judged" your deeds as not good enough?
  No, no, don't do this!!  If you are caught by the postal service, you can be fined a huge amount!    And, honestly, I'd toss a candy bar that was put into my mailbox.     Why not, instead, do these acts of kindness at a local nursing home or assisted living residence (with the staff's permission, of course!).  Those folks really need a lot of cheer in their lives.  Decorate their doors, help decorate their apartments/rooms, read Christmas stories out loud or offer to...
I probably don't fit into this thread!   I was the youngest of 4.  5 years younger than my near-oldest sibling and 18 years younger than the oldest.  ALL of us were good kids.  Our parents never fought, never yelled at us (certainly never hit us) and provided unconditional love and support.   We were a career military family, which meant transfers every couple of years around the country.  Dad did 2 tours in Vietnam and other overseas deployments, which made Mom...
Manuka honey!!  Internally AND applied to the healing wound.  Honey has amazing healing properties.  Any honey will work well, but manuka is, imo, the BEST.  You can buy it on Amazon.   Also, try taking arnica, internally, to help with the pain and swelling.  It's great to apply to the area, as well.  You can buy it at any good health food store or on Amazon.
Our initial set-up of the 30 solar panels was just over $40,000.    Whatever type of generator you get, you will need to have the correct wiring done to use it.  Call an electrical contractor and talk to them about this.
Have you brought this to the attention of your midwaife or health care provider???  I would NOT try to self-prescribe/dose with any supplements (especially by unknown persons on the internet), given your pregnancy.   I would guess that your tinnitus has more to do with your infection than to the treatment,and it may be that either your infection spread beyond your chest or is still active.   Call your healthcare provider.
I think you must bring this to the attention of the office where your son is receiving therapy!!!  If it IS pink eye, then they need to do some major cleaning to contain the bacteria/virus causing it (you are probably not the only one with an infection).   I also think you should see a doctor as you are placing others at risk with your continuing infection (if it really is true pink eye).    Though, I wonder about pink eye infection in that you make no mention of...
Infections of the mastoid bone used to be deadly, because of the proximity of the mastoid to the brain.  With the use of modern antibiotics, they have become rare and treatable.   My late grandfather was a top EENT surgeon in San Francisco and performed many, many surgeries for mastoid infections. I'm sure your little one will feel much better very soon!
  To me, this is a no-brainer...............   Of course you should contact ALL the families about this!  Personally, I would cancel the party until another date.   I would be furious if I was invited to a gathering and then find out that there is a known risk of illness and hadn't been warned beforehand.
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