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Dh and his gf petered out. Hes just cuddle friends with her Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
I have a real honest to goodness boyfriend! We've known each other a couple years. I've had my eye on him but timing wasn't right. Well we finally went out and its been wonderful ever since. He's 100% my type. And I guess im his too hea so romantic and funny. Im definitely in love. He's monogamous though but I we've talked about me being married and he hasn't seemed effected by that Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
With my first bit was 30 mins. I was just induced 36 weeks and ended up with a epi. It was a 4 hour total from contractions to birth so not horrible.
Ibtold people the truth. I told them I was having an unassisted pregnancy and planned an unassisted homebirth. I was met with a lot bof questions and aww but never had issues with anyone. I agree having an unassisted birth is legal here so there wouldn't have been anything anyone could do
Dhs gf of a year and half just got a bf ( a classmate of mine ) dh will be unavailable to her all of feb so he's not sure if they will continue sleeping together. Dh doesn't have romantic feelings for her and hes always felt bad about that since she did ask to be his gf. Im pretty busy with work and school. My brief time at the end of summer where I was actively trying to meet people didn't pan out and I've stopped trying. It would be cool to but im so picky I just...
Been getting a ton of overtime, that will all go to dh student loans
Went grocery shopping today. 3 stores, dh goes with me kind of like a date lol
Im not sure any state allows divorce while pg. Something about establishing paternity
I don't necessarily think homeschool kids are weird but they usually can be themselves because they don't have to submit to peer pressure and ao called social norms. I think it's refreshing to meet people who are comfortable with themselves. I had a class with a super close kind of odd brother and sister who were homeschooled. They had terrible fashion sense and the guy wore a Fanny pack lol both were just great and im glad I was sitting by them because they were the...
I recommend premarital counseling. It's extremely important to tackle this before getting married.
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