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We don't qualify for subsidies because out state didn't expand Medicaid. I went online to the market place bit the premium for him isn't in our budget.
Still loving being Xmas.free!
We have internet but my left over school money pays for.that. we are under a contract so we have cheapest rate work covers half my cell.phone. ds1 has a assurance phone (free) and dh's phone is $35. We dropped cable and pay $16 for Hulu/netflix Got rid of trash service. We compost and recycle Have the cheapest car Ins an we can find On.level pay so our utilities predictable Work gave me a raise ans that covers my health ins. Unfortunately we cant afford dh to be...
We paid out 12500 in cc debt this year, we are keeping 1000 on emg fund with our tax return and the rest 6-7k will be going to dh 20k student loan debt. We will be applying all extra money (dh medical studies and any holiday pay/overtime I get) I'm hoping with our 2014 tax return we will have it completely paid off.
Yes, its fine to treat yourself with a gift. Enjoy your tattoo
My foodstamp application got "lost" in the mail, like so many others I know. Thankfully I caught it quickly and reapplied so we won't lose an entire month of benefits. My friend moved away and we got all of her food out of the pantry and I've been getting some overtime at work so thankfully it worked out. I got a 60 cent raise at work ththat covers my healh ins but dh will have to go without. He should be free but Medicaid wasn't expanded and we can't afford out if...
Wal-Mart? Pet food, cleaning supplies, car maintenance stuff, food, toiletries, socks, underwear etc.
I had some because my friend helped with perennial massage and counter pressure. It made me more comfortable that she wore gloves.
I would just return the undesired gifts.
I recently dated a guy 10 years younger than me. Um yeah, ill stick to people my.own age from now on lol
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