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Yep, none of their business. I just wouldn't tell them.
I did. I took out my paragard iud 2 days before ovulation and conceived ds2 thet cycle. It may take longer with hormonal iud
Well.I wrote the speech I wanted then ironically had to cut out 2/3 of it. It meets the requirements for speech class. It barely scratches the surface but I think its very persuasive and moving.
so Im looking online and everywhere im looking, media, medical all is saying that the decline in circumcision will cost the US billions of dollars etc.  it's very frustrating trying to find unbiased sources of information to cite that will be considered a trustworthy source when everything out there, including the AAP seems to be pushing circumcision and saying how it decreases STD, AIDS and saves money.  Ugg
Wow that's amazing!
I couldn't figure out the instead cups. I lost my diva on vacation and got a box. They are great for dtd on that time of the month tho
Dh showed me these and I had to support the project. This is such a great site! Would be awesome for wohm who want to get funding for a project . http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1697695288/animal-stackers-a-new-kind-of-building-block?ref=home_popular
The only kind if tampon I could ever use was OB. I've been using a diva cup since 2006
After ds1 was born our first outing and I totally forgot I even had a baby. I was with my aunt and she too forgot. Thsnkfully he was out there for no more than 10 minutes and it wasn't hot or too cold. I've not made that mistake since
Someone to deep clean my house and do my homework
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