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My friend bought a new car and is going to sell us her Honda Odyssey for $1200 on payments and I'm selling my car to a friend for $1000. There is no way wed be able to afford the $4000 than the van is actually worth. I'm so glad I have amazing friends. We most def needed a bigger vehicle now that we have 4 kids
We do not exclude meat eaters but we don't make the kids be vegetarian either.
Got hired at a second job. Two 12 shifts 9p-9a (I get to sleep!) So that will be an extra $800/month and won't affect my foodstamp benefits (we are allowed to make 2925 a month without needing to report changes. This is going to help us out sooooo much
I voted no. I frequently pick up something for one child and not the others when I'm out and no one cares. A lot of the time they share toys anyway so its pretty non issue. It helps too that the oldest 3 are pretty far apart
What I meant was when I got off hcg, non pg, trying to just "eat right". I gained because I did not follow phase 3 which is paramount to permanant weight loss. It's important to to do the daily weigh ins and correction days to reset your body wieight.
Poly is about communication and trust, its not a bandaide for a broken relationship. If you pursue this I almost guarantee it will destroy your relationship. I would explore www.polyamory.com and post this there, you will get tons of great advice there
Ive only done Rx hcg. I too had gain back because I wasn't doing daily weigh ins and correction days. I will this time though! I'm about 186 now. So close to my 150 lb goal
I had 2 unassisted homebirths but I we would personally be comfortable being attended by DEM even if she only self studied or apprenticed
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