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Just had my 3rd VBAC.  Even after doing this 3 times it's still an amazing feeling of accomplishment!
I just delivered my 4th baby, 3rd VBAC.  This was by far the hardest delivery because my dr insisted on cEFM.  It's hard not being able to move around but it can be done!  Every hour to hour and a half I insisted on going to the restroom, even if I felt like I didn't need to.  Just to get up and stretch/ walk.  Also the peanut ball was a huge help!   Wishing the best outcome for you and your sweet babe
Caleb Henry made his appearance on Wednesday 9-25 weighing in at 8lbs 12ozs.  He was my 3rd VBAC and it was a looooong labor but so worth it.  Here he is on Friday, about to head home from the hospital.
I'm still waiting, due on the 24th.  I do keep up with the threads but just don't post much!  This will be my 3rd VBAC and I'm hoping he comes soon.  Before Wednesday, (when I start my 55 hr work week again) would be nice.  I am so tired and stressed but yet can't sleep past 3am.  Trying to relax as much a possible....   Good luck to all who are still waiting!  I love to read all the birth stories :)
Love his name!  congratulations!!
Good Luck, Mexiflower!  Hoping for a quick labor!!
great news!  Hoping you are holding your sweet baby soon
Glad to hear things went so well! Congratulations!!
Love her name! congratulations, so thankful that everything went well
Congratulations, he is beautiful.  I love all his dark hair!!
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