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I get naseous (sp) in labor every single time, but I've never actually thrown up.  I eat in early labor and then just sip on OJ and water once things are really in full swing.  I'm starving once the baby is born and hubby fixes me whatever I want to eat and serves me in bed!
My favorite laboring position after I get to the point of getting into the tub, is to lean over the side of the tub with my lower half nearly floating in the water.  (We use a Birth Pool In A Box)  And then to actually push I get into a squat.  All 3 of my previous babies were born in the squat.  My first I tore, but I opted for natural healing and no stitches and I've never torn again.  Even though my last baby was nearly 2 pounds bigger.
I was going to suggest a shepherd's purse tincture.  It's easy enough to make and spring is almost here to get fresh shepherd's purse for it too.
Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn't.  It never a good idea to make broad statements as though everyone's experience is going to be the same.  Cause it's just not realistic. I'm an experienced breastfeeder, and I still am teeth clenching the first two weeks with every single baby.  I'm also a LLL leader.  I KNOW how to make sure a baby has a proper latch, tongue ties, lip ties, and all that good stuff.  I've helped hundred of moms overcome those trying first couple of...
28 weeks 3 days with baby #5.  
I only know 1 person IRL that CHOSE to not even attempt to breastfeed and it's because she thought it was gross.    Like, she snarls at people when she sees them nursing and makes nasty comments about them.  One day I finally thought I'd really freak her out and let her know I was still feeding my 2 year old.  
Eating a spoon full of coconut oil the morning of the test is supposed to help too because coconut oil helps stabilize blood sugar.  Not that I have any experience personally with it, but a friend of mine had good results with it.  So that's another thought too.
We do a Blessingway rather than a shower.  I only invite my closest birth supporting friends and it's a time to pamper and uplift and encourage me to help prepare for the very near birth.  Usually do it 2-3 weeks prior to my due date.  
I've gained 50 pounds every single time.  This is my 5th pregnancy.  I've gained 28 pounds at 27 weeks so I'm pretty much on my normal target.  The weight gained was healthy weight.  My babies have weighed between 7 1/2 pounds to almost 10 pounds.  The amount I gained had nothing to do with their weight cause I gained exactly the same very time.  I think the 30 pound mark can be an unhealthy goal.  Especially if it causes undereating.  
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