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The normal range for fasting are 70 - 92.  The normal range for 1-2 hours after eating are under 120, typically under 100 even, but can be normal up to 120. If you are grazing, then you aren't fasting, nor 1-2 hours post meal, so it would not be an accurate result.
Updated to here!
I did at home monitoring last pg as well and I only had to check it a couple of times.  Not daily or even weekly.  Just did a couple of fasting checks, which I was borderline too low, and a couple of times after eating, which it was within normal then.  I don't think you'd have to do it all day every day....so just don't test on your grazing day.
 I know of two babies that were born full term, in the cull (water didn't break), that was very ill with GBS.  Absolutely babies can get it from in the womb and not just the bacteria in the vagina at birth.  But it was like 1 in a 1000 births that she had attended.  Still, another reason I don't do antibiotics and will wait until my babe is born and THEN if they are sick, we'll treat.
It's not stupid that you've not had an u/s.  It IS optional and it is not recommended that every pregnant woman have one.  It's only supposed to be used if complications are suspected, but that's now how it actually gets used.   Of my 7 pregnancies, I've only ever had 3 babies exposed to u/s.  My first, before I knew better, my 5th because I was spotting and we learned that the baby was no longer alive and I would miscarry, and my 6th because I was freaking out after 2...
My first 3 pregnancies I never even got tested.  I had done the research and knew that even if it was positive, that I would refuse antibiotics. My last pregnancy I was ....  highly encouraged......to test because she was a new practice and wan't to cya in case of transfer.  I very begrudgingly did the test myself in my own bathroom.  It was shockingly positive.  Even after doing her prevention protocal of lots of garlic, probiotics, vitamin c, (all orally) etc.  I REFUSE...
Last week's pic at 22 weeks.....this is baby #5.  
Another important factor that a mw posted on another board I'm on is: 
All I need is a new liner for the pool and a drinking water safe hose to fill it.  That's it.  Everything else I already have.  I'm an herbalist and my cabinets are full of remedies and tinctures already made up if needed.  I will make a "friendship bracelet" as the cord clamp.  I hate those big bulky plastic clamps that get caught on everything and practically rip their stump off.  It's awful!  So I make a cord for them instead. I use two separate plastic storage boxes....
Well see....I'm blunt.  I would have just said, "no thanks.  We'll pass on sugary stuff cause it's not good for anyone.  If you decide to do some crafts or something instead, we'd be happy to join." I've had to do this very thing with my kids' great grandmother.  She's 95 and an amazing woman.  But every time someone comes to her house she's pulling out brownies, cupcakes, and cookies from the fridge.  I now warn my kids before we get there, no dessert.  If Grandma asks,...
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