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Only with my first did we do a nursery of any kind.  After I became a mom and found cosleeping, the nursery idea went out the window.  We sold our crib after the 2nd baby and still never used it.  Now on #5, still no plans to do anything special for a baby space.  I wouldn't know what to do if little one wasn't right with me all the time.  Plus my babies want to be no where else but with me either, so that works out.  The space for our baby is in my bed or on my chest or...
Im in an awkward place with clothes.  L jeans hurt and squeeze my belly, and xl wont' stay up.  Medium shirts are too short and my belly shows, some large fit, some are too small, xl looks like I'm wearing a moo moo.  
 Hugs to you.
No change here.  No testing.  We've not even heard the heartbeat yet since we are forgoing doppler and u/s as well.
I don't plan on buying anything at all.  The couple of things we need, like a bucket carseat, or any other things we'll just borrow from friends.  If this one ends up being a boy I'll ask friends if they have any baby clothes to off load cause I've had 3 girls and my boy is almost 8 and we've moved twice since he was born so I don't have any of his baby stuff anymore.  Otherwise we have everything else.  diapers, carriers, etc.  
Personally, we don't bank.  Never really considered it because of the expense.  But I'm all for delayed clamping.
This article says you can do both.  Delay cord clamping AND bank blood.  http://cordadvantage.com/delayed-clamping-cord-blood-banking.html
20 weeks with baby #5    
I can't squeeze anything out, but my 2 year old still nurses just fine.  Babies are much more efficient than any kind of pump so I assume it's all fine.  I don't FEEL dry either.
I read the book Cure Tooth Decay last year and it has changed our lives forever in regards to our dental health through diet.
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