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Found this last pregnancy and it was revolutionary!  :)  So comfortable.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDTbi4Xb5ec
I use them for a lot of things, but not as often as I use the actual herb itself.  There are many oils that are just as good and pure as the MLM brands and you can get them for much less price.  There are very few distributors and when tested, many oils (both MLM and not) are so close, they could have come from the same distributor and then had the special labels put on them for their brand.  This link used an independant lab to test 5 different brands.  The one that got...
Yep, we do this too!  Coconut oil works well too.  Just something to put a slick barrier between butt and poop.  :)
I've never had heartburn, but all 4 of my other children had a head full of hair.  :)
Still nursing here!  This is my 4th pregnancy to nurse through.  I'm just really intentional to make sure she opens big and wide before I latch her on and I'm fine.  She only nurses on one side and it's been that way since several months before I got pregnant.
Stepping on my soapbox  here.        Not only do I, personally, disagree with the safety of taking ANY brand of essential oils internally, but also peppermint essential oil is extremely controversial with pregnant and breastfeeding moms in addition to small children.  Peppermint causes uterine irritability and it crosses the placental barrier.  Peppermint is not recommended for children due to the high levels of menthol that can cause lung problems.  In breastfeeding moms,...
This one is when I was 27 weeks pg with baby #1        Then for contrast (LOL) this one is 28 weeks pg with baby #4,  
With my 3rd baby I tried going straight to a convertible that starts at 5 pounds, and skipping the baby bucket.  She was not super tiny, she was 8 pounds 8 ounces, but still way too small for a convertible to fit well or to be comfortable.  She screamed every time we went somewhere, which was so unlike her because of all my kids she was the most mellow easy child I've ever had.  As soon as we switched to a baby bucket, it was like I had a different kid in the car.  They...
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