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I've never been sick with any of my pregnancies.  I have 3 girls and 1 boy.  Every pregnancy is so different anyway, it would be difficult to tell gender just from symptoms....I think anyway.  :)  Or the old wives tale of "how you're carrying".  Yeah, not accurate in my experience.  
I'm planning a 4th home birth. Are there any freestanding birth centers in your area that might work?  I know lots of people that still home birth in an apartment.  Our first homebirth was in a condo at 8 o clock in the morning and the windows were open in spring.  Still....weirdly, no one knew a thing!  I was shocked when the attached neighbors told me that hadn't even heard anything!  Cause I was pushing for an hour and a half!
This would be the side view for 15 weeks. Yes, it's not a typo. That's actually a 1 and a 5 for 15. Yes, I get humongous when pregnant, yes I have big healthy babies, no it's not twins.   
Noticed today that my belly button has popped.  15 1/2 weeks with baby #5.  I'm measuring all the way to my belly button too.  
Yay!  Happy for you!!!!!   
I have gained the same 50 pounds in every single pregnancy and my babies have been: 7#'s 8 oz., 8#'s, 1 oz, 8#'s, 8oz, and 9#'s 12 oz.  So.....my experience is that the amount of weight *I* gain, is kind of irrelevant to how much the baby is actually going to weigh when born.    Some people, especially those who have low fat amounts, are highly active,  or start out on the small side, just naturally NEED to gain more.  I would starve to death if I only allotted myself 30...
That's pretty normal, in my experience.
Yep.  Since 8 weeks this time!  I usually get them by 10 weeks though, so I wasn't too incredibly surprised.
The colors mean:  Boy, Girl, Not finding out.  
YES!!!!!  I updated yours!  If anyone else posts I will update theirs as well!
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