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I never use cold water when washing diapers.  I do as hot as possible.  I do one rinse, then a full wash with soap and a vinegar rinse, and then one more additional rinse.  Every now and then if they start smelling, I'll do a wash with dish soap, then do my regular wash cycle.  Also, I NEVER dunk in the toilet.  EW!!!!!  If it's solid, I'll plop as much as possible in the toilet, but that's it.  The whole diaper goes in a dry bucket and the whole batch gets washed within a...
I think if there is the possibility of negativity being brought to your birth, then they shouldn't be there. With my 1st hb I simply had too many people there and it caused my labor to be over 36 hours long. I learned that I'm a minimalist in birth and anyone's movement, talking, whispers, distractions annoy me. I don't even like my kids present. My other two hb were just dh and the mw and I felt so much more at peace and could focus. Labors were 12 and 6 hours...
Updated to here!  Welcome to our new momma's!!!!!
Here's my 12 week pic with baby #5.  I still can't believe I'm going to have 5 kids!!!!!      
My kids take fermented cod liver oil and butter oil for remineralizing teeth, and they also take an additional vitamin d drop. One single drop is 2,000 iu. Most people are deficient in vitamin d, regardless of sun exposure. There is research that shows sun is not as great a source of d as we'd like it to be. That there was very little change to levels when tested before and after.
I'm 11 1/2 weeks and have been feeling movement for a couple of weeks now. That feeling of feathery softness barely brushing up against the uterine wall is unique and easy to identify once you know what it is. The baby is moving constantly starting at 8 weeks so there is no reason why you couldn't feel it from that point. Though most don't feel it quite that early. I did feel the first Braxton hicks at 8 weeks this time. Usually it was 10 weeks in the past.
 It's the abdominal ultrasound (as opposed to a vaginal) where they just look real quick to see if there is a heartbeat, and nothing else.  It's like, less than 2 minutes and done.
I'm 11 weeks and have gained 2 pounds. I typically gain 50 every time though. I eat when I'm hungry, but choose wisely. My favorite snack is a handful of grapes and a piece of cheese. So satisfying! Plus we have a homestead now so I have a lot if physical labor that didn't need done in other pregnancies.
No way!
Zero ultrasounds or dopplers here too. There's another thread on here with a link from a study talking about they change the cell structures. I've read so much controversial stuff about ultrasounds in the past 10 years, I would only ever do it if something seemed very very wrong withthe pregnancy and confirmation of viability or something like that had to be done. In my first pg we didn't know any better until later in pg. So we had the 20 w us and Doppler use. With...
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