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I'm so sorry Kelly.  :( I went through and updated the list.  I sorted them by due dates.  There are a few at the bottom that I didn't have much info on so if those people want to post updates, I can update. When/if you each plan to find out gender, or want to go team green, post that too so I can update with that as well. Thank you!
I've never seen a back up OB either. Even with my first in which I saw hospital medwives and ended up with a section, It was just whatever OB that was on call at the time.
This is my 7th pregnancy and I've never had morning sickness.  2 were miscarriages, but that means 5 haven't been.  So how sick you are isn't a good indicator of how healthy the pregnancy is either.  so many old wives tales.  :)  I have 3 girls, 1 boy, plus this one that we won't know until birth.
Most midwives have a doctor that they use for back up already that is friendly with them. Have you asked your midwife if she has a physician she would refer to if necessary?
I found it very useful with my last two babies.
You can encourage a big open mouth to try to get a better latch.  Toddlers tend to get lazy.  And also, same as with babies, instinct takes over when they are almost asleep and that's when they'll latch the best.  When they aren't really thinking about it, just doing it on instinct.
Symptoms haven't been a good indicator for me in pregnancies past.  I have 3 girls and 1 boy.  Every pregnant was different in some ways, and alike in others.  But none of them exactly the same.  I thought for sure I was having a boy last time.  Even in labor I was telling hubby..."See!  My boys just come early!"  As it was 39 weeks 1 day, the same I'd had my boy on, while the previous two girls were 40+ weeks both times.  Nope!  It was a girl!  I was SO shocked!
10 weeks tomorrow! I've been feeling movements for the last week and I can feel my uterus 3 fingers below my very smooshy belly button.
Yeah, the ONLY thing I can think of is a big humongous prgnancy pillow.  Being my 5th baby, I don't really need anything else, but I've never had one of those pillows before.  It would be a splurge for sure.  or maybe a new ipod since mine is 3 years old and the screen is held together with screen covers.
Oh no!  More losses.  
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