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Oh wow! Way to go! Mandy
Quote: Originally Posted by huggerwocky What is the larger fishy pool? The larger fishy pool is the one that's 26" deep. It wasn't as deep as I had hoped it would be. I'm with the rest that would have liked at least a 30" pool. Arwyn...THANK YOU! I'm so glad you liked the pictures....you are so sweet. Thanks for letting me know you looked at them.
I have never been tested for GBS. I refused when I was pg with dd because I would have waived antibiotics even if I would have tested positive...so what was the point of testing? Ya know? With DS, I would have waived testing again if it would have come up...but since we planned homebirth with a DEM it wasn't even an issue. The baby responds better to antibiotics AFTER birth if they get GBS. Whereas they can build a resistance to antibiotics if exposed during...
I'm 5'7' and used the larger fishy pool. I wanted the water to completely cover my stomach while relaxing back...and also I wanted it to come up on my back while being on all fours. It did neither. So, I was really disappointed about that. However, it still well in the sense that I labored in it for 5 hours...the water stayed warm and dh occupied himself dealing with it while my sister did the mothering thing for me, and there was plenty of room if I had chosen to...
I was pg with dd the first time I really thought about homebirth. Dh had mentioned it jokingly and I was like, "I don't think so! What if something happened?" Well, I always knew I'd want natural birth...but having it at home had never really crossed my mind til then. As I took Bradley classes and became more and more into the "natural" lifestyle, then ended up pretty much being forced into a c-section with dd cause she was breech....I became more and more likely to...
I personally would go with the option of waiting for it to happen naturally. No pit, no breaking water, no stripping membranes, no nothing. That is a very real option. They can't force you to do anything and if your body is not ready....you won't have a good birth by trying to force it to happen. Be bold and be firm! Stop stressing about the date and just relax and grasp that your body can and will go into spontaneous labor when the time is right. Mandy
Be honest. Tell them when your last period was and also when you ovulated. They should know that you aren't stupid and know what's happening with your body WHEN it's happening. When I got pg with ds my periods were all out of whack because I was still breastfeeding. But, I still knew when I ovulated. I had an OB that tried to force an u/s because, "people can be wrong and we need to do an u/s to date the pg", well, right there I knew I didn't want them to be my OB...
Neither one of my kids have liked being swaddled. DD was frank breech and we tried swaddling her to keep her legs down and she hated it. DS hated having his arms pinned down. We just learned to keep them covered up as best as we could when holding them.
I took calcium with magnesium and vitamin d. Mandy
A relative asked me if I had to go to the hospital after I had the baby and I said no. Then she looks at me with all seriousness and asked, "Didn't he split you open when he came out?" : Mandy
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