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I took 5W from Nature's Sunshine while I was pg. Started it at 35 weeks and baby came on 39weeks 1 day. It definately made the BH stronger...but BH don't feel anything like real contractions. As for a muscle toner though...it worked. here's a link - http://www.healthywarehouse.com/nspProduct/1120.asp Mandy
With both my babies I started noticing BH around 12 weeks. Often had them 10-15 minutes apart all day long for weeks. I also took 5-W to tone my uterus starting at 35 weeks. It basically just made the BH stronger...felt like they squeezed harder. I was really shocked when labor actually started and those contractions didn't feel ANYTHING like BH. Completely different for me. It went from feeling like a tightening in my belly (BH) to a burning mentrual cramp along my...
I did! And LOVED it! My birth story is in my siggy...just click on it. My MW was over an hour away....but made it no problems. Plus I had a 36 hour labor. So, hey, I figure if I can do that....then I can do anything! LOL! Actually, I decided on HBAC because it was truly the only way I was going to get to birth vaginally. I couldn't find natural friendly hospitals, or MW's and I'm really not fond of OB's. So, it was all or nothing really. Also, my mw was...
DD is almost 33 months old and I've never been away from her a single night. : We even homebirthed so we didn't even have to be away from her for that. In fact, the longest I've ever been away from her is about a 4 hour stretch. Mandy
You know, as anti med student as I was with dd. I surprisingly had no issues at all with having an apprentice at my birth. It really didn't even bother me at all...as in, it never crossed my mind to not want them there. My mw asked on more than one occasion if it was ok that they were there, but I was always like, "Well yeah! That's fine." I figured it was cool that someone was wanting to be an all natural midwife and that I supported that. It also never crossed...
Quote: Originally Posted by tie-dyed I had my first at home just three weeks ago. It was wonderful. I think some women are motivated by bad first experiences to go looking for alternatives. : If I knew then what I know now....I'd have probably done it the first time around too. : Mandy
I chose homebirth to avoid a repeat c-section. I doubt that I'd ever choose to willingly birth in a hospital again. Mandy
Also, we had no problems with temp for the big fishy pool either. We set it up in the kitchen with two blankets under it to help cushion and insulate from the ceramic tile.
I think it would work ok depending on your size. I used the big octagonal fishy pool and I really would have preferred a bigger pool...meaning deeper. It really wasn't deep enough for me. But, many have liked it's depth. Mandy
: We used a little floating dolphin thermometer from the baby bath section of the store to make sure it stayed the right temp. When our water heater was spent we heated pots of water to add until the water heater was ready to roll again. Then, once it was full, it was pretty easy to maintain the temp. They'd use the big pots to take out the water and just turn the hose back on with hot water. It gave dh something to obsess about during labor.
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