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Quote: Originally Posted by pfamilygal I have the same problem. But I'm hesitant to use lilypadz because I've had mastitis and don't want to go down the plugged duct route again. This is one reason I haven't tried them. Also, I use my nursing pad to cover up the spray and dribble when ds pops off..especially in public. Mandy
Link is in my siggie too! Feel free!
Well, I for sure said never again will I let them cut me! But, after my vag. birth I said that I would do it the same way again if we have more kids. I also said that I realize now why many people opt for the drugs and that I have a better understanding of them. I went totally drug free for a 36 hour labor....but probably only because I have a lot of knowledge and a deep passion for drug free birth. Mandy
Not planning...but just did it!
Congrats on your baby! I think you did a great job! I'm not sure if what I experienced is the same or not...but I would (and have) described my contractions as my pelvic bone burning. They were kinda like burning mens. cramps that got harder and harder until it felt like my pelvic bones were gonna break and rip apart with each contraction. My birth story is posted under "My EXTREMELY LONG HBAC story...." and it really is extremely long. I had been going to...
Here's the link to mine! http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=445225
Here's the one I had. Quote: Birth Plan In summary: I want the most natural and comfortable labor as possible. Please support and encourage me. Birth Team Midwife - Joan My husband – Shawn My sister – Kathi My daughter - Samantha My friend and Sam support – Mindy My mother-in-law – Tina (may or may not be present…uncertain at this time) Environment ØPlease don’t be afraid to step in and help by offering suggestions or...
I pushed my acycinclatic (sp?) ds for 1 hour and 28 minutes. His chin wasn't tucked and his head wasn't coming out with the easiest part first. But I did it!
We didn't really TTC at all. We were of the school that it would happen in God's timing. DD was still nursing lots and I didn't get my first period until she was 18 months old....got pg when she was 22 months old...then dd weaned on her own when she was 27 months old. We'll do it the same way this time too. Mandy
Here's my take: Most of the time, kids throw fits in stores because they are bored and want to leave. Being proactive and entertaining them is the best bet. Of course, make sure you go to the store on a full stomach, rested, good mood, etc. To me, leaving when they throw a fit is teaching them that if they make me mad enough...they can get their way. Which is really the core behind a lot of whining and begging as they grow up. When we go to the store...if they have...
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