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This IS actually the short version. Even though it's still extremely long. Here are the pictures to go with it if you're just interested in those. http://share.shutterfly.com/action/w...8AZtnDls4aM2RB (Thursday March 30th) I got a really weird cramping feeling that hurt and I was almost holding my breath for fear of moving and making it worse. Luckily I was sitting at a stop light at the time since it really caught me off guard. MIL looked at me and asked if...
Quote: Originally Posted by DoulaLace is she on here? No, I don't think so. If she is, I'm not aware of it.
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth talks about it. Semen can help with effacement...and she also talks about kissing during contractions and she touches on women stimulating themselves to help get the baby out. I personally didn't try any of the stuff...but apparently some do. I was really dissapointed that I didn't get the birth orgasm I had heard so much about that sometimes happens when the baby's born. But, I was exhausted and running on steam after almost an hour...
When I was laboring in the tub I made the comment that I had to pee and my MW said "Go ahead and pee in the pool, urine is sterile." But, I got involved in a contraction and forgot until however long later I realized I still had to pee and at that point I just could not pee! So, I got out, went to the bathroom, and ended up not getting back in and birthed the baby in the living room. Oh, and yes...I pooed on a chucks pad in the living room too...and if I remember...
A girl from my local ICAN chapter just had a HBA2C's!
In Ina May's book Guide to Childbirth...she touches on the fact that single layer suturing is more likely to rupture than double layer...but even still...the odd's of UR are less than 1% total. For all possibilities combined, that's the odds of UR.
Quote: Originally Posted by fourlittlebirds So, I'm curious, how did squatting on your heels hurt your knee? Beats me! LOL! I don't know. All I know is that everytime I'd try to do it that way it felt like my knee muscles were ripping and it took a long time to heal once I stopped doing them that way.
DH didn't go back to work until 2 weeks pp...but the day that I gave birth we were all tired (except dd) so I called a lady from our bible study group that had kids and asked if she'd take dd to play for a few hours. She was thrilled with the opportunity to do something for us. Others brought over food and offered to take dd too. It worked out really well.
Quote: Originally Posted by PancakeGoddess I heard one of the questions on the "Mother's Worksheet" is: When was the first time you had intercourse? Hmmm. That question wasn't on our form.
My 2 cents...don't worry so much about keeping your heels on the floor. With my first pg...I worked really hard on doing the squats with flat feet and ended up really hurting my knee. It took forever for it stop hurting. I ended up with a c/s for frank breech though and never even got to experience labor. In our Bradley classes we were told to practice squatting as much as possible. For instance, anytime something needed to picked up off the floor, don't bend with...
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