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Quote: Originally Posted by Ravin In their defense, the food package is more than a bag of carrots and some tuna. As I recall, I got (up to) 36 oz. cereal, 1 lb. beans/peas/lentils, 1 lb. peanutbutter or beans/peas/lentils, several lbs. of cheese, several gallons of milk, 2 dozen eggs (I think), and like 6(?) cans of juice. No tuna, actually, that stopped after pg. (and I think they don't do it for pg now), but there were the carrots. That's...
Well, last week I nursed in the front row, and this week I nursed in the third row with ds in a sling. It's a robozo so I used the long tail to cover up his head while I got him latched on, then fixed my nursing shirt (which I never leave home without being in one) so noone could even tell I was nursing. But, I'm one of those people that goes to the furniture section at Walmart and makes myself comfy for feeding! LOL! I'm just a little more discreet in church though.
Hmmm. Let's see. 31 cans of free formula a month or a bag of carrots and some tuna in exchange for bfing. I don't see how that's really fair to the bfing mom. While the mom giving her baby the best doesn't get much at all for making the best choice. It's almost like rewarding people for formula feeding more than breastfeeding. It really bugs me that WIC (or the taxpayer) pays that much more for the formula baby. It really gets me urked.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nikki~ Do they pee as soon as you open the diaper? Or is it at one point during the change? Both! More often at some point during the change though.
I get peed on at least once a day. Today it's actually been twice and he got the bed once too.
Quote: Originally Posted by morgansmom Mandy- were the sides not very supportive or you just didn't want to risk getting water all over the floor? I'd like to get one with supportive sides that would let me lean on it like you're doing in the pictures (without losing too much water) and this pool seems like it has pretty thick sides. But do they pooch down pretty far when you lean on them? I thought the sides were pretty sturdy! I did still...
Congrats and Welcome! I just HBAC two weeks ago! DD was frank breech and I wasn't allowed to labor or anything. I was so sad! I grieved her birth for so long! It was wonderful to be able to birth at home with a great midwife. Although I have to say labor was NOT what I expected. Good luck! And Congrats again! Mandy
I'm 5'7" and used the big fishy pool http://www.qualityinflatables.com/56493.html . It's a lot bigger than the one they compare in that ad. I ended up not birthing in the water though. I spent about 5 hours of my labor in there and by the time I was ready to start pushing I was on all fours in the floor in front of the bathroom crying saying "I can't do this!" (36 hours of labor though...I was totally exhausted) We may have been able to fill it up a little more...
We didn't know what we were having, but our due date was supposed to be 4/7 and he showed up on 4/1. The stats you have are right on! Thanks!
We had planned on DH catching...but that didn't happen. I was squatting and he was helping to hold me up, so the MW caught ds. I joked with him afterwards about why he didn't and he said I had a hold of him too tight and wouldn't let him go. I would get mad at him during a contx if he wanted to resituate.
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