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Awesome! Congratulations!
Thanks so much for helping me feel better. I'll try to do all of the suggestions you've all given. I really appreciate your help! Mandy
I have a question. Please be kind. I'm completely giving TMI in this post and am just lost as to what I should do. I just had a HBAC on Saturday. My DEM told me I had a small tear and she allowed DH and I to make the decision on whether or not to get stitched. She said that it could possibly heal fine by itself and was really more an appearance issue than anything. I was delirious after 36 hours of labor, and DH made the choice to let it go. I do remember her...
Thank you all so much for your congrats and encouragement! I finally got some pics together. hope this works! http://share.shutterfly.com/action/w...8AZtnDls4aM2RB
Christian Michael was born this morning at 8:28. After a total of 36 hours and 6 minutes of labor. Water broke at 1:11 am. We got our unmedicated homebirth...but I didn't birth in the water. He was born in our living room. I was so extremely tired and delirious...I just wanted him out! And I kept thinking the pool was going to make it easier...and it didn't. It was a rough hour and 28 minutes of pushing too. I had one small tear that didn't require stitches. But,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trishy If you have a lap child they ask that you bring some proof of age, either a birth certificate of vaccine record. I've never even been asked for that. My suggestion...call the airline you'll be traveling on and ask their policy.
I didn't get past the first days 1-4 part. It's impossible to try to schedule how often the baby's gonna wanna nurse. Do Not Watch A Clock! Cover them if you have to and pay attention to your baby's signals. And I think the idea that a newborn is gonna sleep a 4 hour stretch within the first 3 months is setting yourself up for more frustration. My DD didn't sleep that long until she was 18 months old. Mandy
I think your friend is misinformed. My brother and his wife and two kids just moved to Hawaii...nothing was needed. Your baby won't need anything either. Any plane travel with your child within the US is the same...and Hawaii is still US. I loved flying with dd at that age. She could latch on and nurse at take off and landings...and then sleep the whole flight. (we flew at odd hours when she would normally sleep though) It was great. Have fun! Mandy
Wow! That's awesome! Congratulations!
Getting to see and stroke all that cute soft sweet smelling baby skin all the time w/o worrying about them being cold. Mandy
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