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Mine are 500 mg too. I started taking them at 34 weeks upon my MW's recommendation. Started 3 tabs once a day, then at 37 weeks upped it to 3 tabs twice a day. Mandy
Thanks for the update! I almost fell out of my chair when I realized I had just run into you again Kimberly! LOL! Hi! Mandy
Only responding to OP here...haven't read the 3 pages that followed. How would you feel if someone presented you with the same terms? I think it's unreasonable to expect someone (child or adult) to eat something that I know they don't like...or have expressed they don't want. When I make something I know dd doesn't like, I make her something different. Which is really rare actually. We don't eat junk at our house so it's not like she would prefer sweets. It's...
Quote: Originally Posted by moosemommy Everyone says to me: "Good for you!" and "That's the best way to do it." and "It's so much more fun that way." Sometimes they ask "so, do you just look away at that point in the ultra sound?" and we say-- nope, never had one.... they pause, kind of shocked.... like "is that legal?" but they just say "oh!" Yep! Same here! And it doesn't bother me at all when people ask about names or what I think the...
Cost (once they're paid for...they're paid for! I still have dd's that I can use on this baby), convenience (never have to go to the store for more!), health (others have mentioned some of those reasons). We use Kushies all in ones. All ya gotta do is slide it under their bum and velcro it closed! Take it off and throw it in the washer, then dry them. Piece of cake! I bought them off Kellyscloset.com, and I've also bought them off Ebay as well. I tried several...
Wow! That's awesome!
Maybe I'm in the minority...but I enjoy the attention. A couple more weeks and it'll be all eyes on baby. So, I'm soaking it up while I can. I love grabbing somone's hand and putting it on my belly and letting them feel the baby squirm too. Mandy
The #1 book for me so far was Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline by Becky Bailey. And I've read a lot of books! Mandy
I don't see anything wrong with what you've said to your dc. We use an electric toothbrush and have had to repeatedly change up the routine. But never is it an option to dd to not get her teeth brushed. Sometimes she cries briefly that it must be done and I will reflect her feelings about that...but it still must be done. It's non-negotiable. My dd is 2 1/2 and although I let her sometimes brush her own teeth before we brush them, I don't just assume that she can do...
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