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DD was breech and I often felt her hiccuping on my cervix. I had hoped that it meant she was head down, but it didn't. Apparently, her whole little body would shake with each one. Same with this kid too. I can't tell anymore. He/she is so cramped up in there, I can't tell head from butt anymore. But, I don't think where the hiccups are felt really means anything. Like I said, their whole little bodies shake. Sorry I can't be more help. Mandy
I felt them by 12 weeks both times. (with dd and this pg) I usually get them once or twice and hour. More if I'm stressing over something. Mandy
We went to Cabo San Lucas when I was 20 weeks pg with dd. Neither of us got sick. We drank only bottled water though...even at restaurants, and bought some from local stores to put in our fridge in the resort. We did eat out at local restaurants...not just at the resort. I had read to not eat anything that had ice or even been washed with the water. But, I did at the resort...just not out in the public MX area. It was wonderful! Enjoy your trip! Mandy
We took Bradley classes when I was pg with dd. She was a breech c/s and I never got to labor which was a huge blow to me. So, this time we are planning a homebirth...even if it's breech...and are reading thorugh and practicing our Bradley stuff again (the exercises and relaxation methods). I've also watched Gentle Birth Choices from the library and cried. I love that movie! Am currently rereading The Birth Book by Dr. Sears, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, and...
That sounds similar to the La Bassine. http://yourwaterbirth.com/pools.shtml I personally went with a large fishy pool from qualityinflatables.com. It was 32.80 after shipping. When we got it I blew it up and dh, dd and I all got in it with no problems. It has nice sturdy sides too. Hope that helps some! Mandy
Quote: Originally Posted by pfamilygal My pubic bone just aches all day. Walking is so painful. I feel like someone hauled off and kicked me in the crotch. : That's were those pelvic rocks come in handy. I do them several times a day to take the pressure off. I figure at this rate I'll be sitting around all day doing them before labor! Mandy
Tracy, I was wondering if you could have your dh or someone else just plan on taking the kids to her house when you are in labor instead of her coming over at all? She could just keep them for the night and then bring them back the next day. At that point, she wouldn't even know you were at home the whole time. It's normal for hospitals to discharge you the next day anyway. That way, it really would be up to you to tell her that you had the baby at home....just not...
Sounds to me like he's kinda high needs like my daughter was. (it's not a bad thing! Just a different personality) There were days I literally sat and nursed dd from 10am - 10pm with no break in between. Even went to the bathroom one handed while she was attached. My boobs would feel so floppy those days! She refused pacifiers and any substitute I tried to give her as well. I don't have a solution for you, I just wanted to encourage you that you are doing the...
Well good! I'm glad i could help. I think you'll be alright with Dr. Barrows. Really, if I was at a point where DH refused homebirth...she's who I would have went with too. When we did the interview with the nurse, she told us that we had to do a 12 hour fast blood draw. I can't remember why. But, when Holly's partner (sorry....can't remember her name) came in and talked to us, I told her there was no way I could go 12 hours w/o eating. I was still nursing...
I was happily enjoying none with dd until about 36 weeks. All of a sudden they were everywhere on my butt! It looked like a cat had a field day clawing down my butt a thousand times! Mandy
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