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Shared on facebook and liked both!!!
I love the snugly feeling of carrying my child close. And i can get a shopping trip done without my baby crying, most times she sleeps right through the trip!!
*Name (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know you by): Tiffany or tiffy2two *EDD: Mar 30 *Age/ age when the baby will be born: 36 *Location: MS *How long it took you to get your BFP: about 3 months *What number child is this for you: 6 *Family (partner, other children, pets): Dh, 4 girls (12, 10, 7 and 2) and 1 boy (5) *Birth plans/preferences: 6th home birth, 5 water birth *Thoughts / anything else you you would like to share: Just...
We found out this week we are expecting #6!! My grandmother is NOT going to be happy! Oh well we are thrilled~~
What a beautiful story! I am so glad your wee one is ok!
We celebrate the moon festival every year because my dh is half tawainese. We color pictures and look at the moon. We have tried mooncakes and we didn't like them. So this year we are going to have moon pies insteed. Here are some links to info about the moon festival.Also put moon festival in a search and you will bring up many...
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