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I thought it was at least good that someone as mainstream as Oprah was encouraging moms to respond to their baby's cries because the baby is trying to tell them something. It's much better to hear than someone saying that a baby is just trying to manipulate your, or whatever. I also thought Oprah was only so floored by the idea that different cries mean different things because she doesn't have babies of her own. We might not always know what they are asking for but most...
Quote: Originally Posted by pamelamama Oh, that's right it was Blu, not the cargo ones. Doh. The wonderpants have pockets and are bulky like cargo pants, yeah. But, not free like Cargo and Blu! Well, yes, free is nice, but not having to alter a pattern is nice too.
Quote: Originally Posted by pamelamama yep, or add some short rows in the back, that should do. I think abigailvr did these for her cd'd baby. lemme see if she's around. I didn't make these, I made Blu, which definitely didn't work over my son's cloth diapers but fit wonderfully over disposables when we went on a trip. I plan on making another pair of denim pants using Little Turtle Knit's picky pants pattern, since it has an enclosed...
I love Alton Brown too. I use several of his recipes regularly. I did try his avocado frosting recipe this past week though and ... EEEEH. It was incredibly sweet. I did like being able to make dairy free frosting without having to use any weird shortenings though. I actually often watch Good Eats with my 4-year-old. He calls Alton "The Kitchen Man." Heh.
Quote: Originally Posted by jessjgh1 Men are upset that they keep coming across breastfeeding breasts instead of the normal 'teasers' they count on... "The mental anguish that I have suffered tonight simply cannot be erased. I am going to be dreaming about being chased by women with claws with babies hanging off of their (t_ _ _ _) for MONTHS." Yeah, doesn't it suck (pun intended) to see breasts being used for their primary purpose. There is...
I sent an email and got the posted form letter too. This is the part that gets under my skin: Quote: Originally Posted by mermommy We ask only that you are willing to extend the same support and appreciation to, for instance, parents who choose to believe that it is inappropriate for their children to view unsolicited nudity in public. The physical-world analogy is not perfect in this situation; breastfeeding is indeed perfectly legal in public...
I watched the Young Ones on DVD from Netflix not too long ago. Very funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by sanbrunomom wasn't he doogie houser??? The vet is Chris O'Donnell, Robin from Batman and Robin, among other things. Doogie Howser was Neil Patrick Harris.
Quote: Originally Posted by famousmockngbrd I liked how Joy called the Last Supper "that picture of Jesus eatin' dinner". And when she tripped she said, "who left Jesus and his buddies down here." Jesus and the 12 buddies!
Georgia, thanks for the tip, I'll check out waterbed stores. I've been thinking about trying that, Rae, just getting a thick cotton mattress pad (to absorb sweat) and then putting extra towels under the kid areas. It's also probably one of the cheaper options! Boheime, we have a Mother of Eden fleece/PUL pad and I think it's pretty hot too. The baby sleeps on it and he sometimes feels very sweaty. Thanks for the suggestions!
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