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How are you feeling about this? Do you have support? I'm sure this is very scary and I do hope that you have some IRL support to lean on.
I'm so sorry...healing thoughts coming your way
My son had 4 seizures under the age of 2.5. One lasted for over 2 hours. They never could come up with any explanation after a CAT scan, EKG, etc. The pediatric neurologist called them "atypical febrile seizures" and said he would grow out of them. He hasn't had one since and he is now 7. Although now we are dealing with possible ADHD/Asperger's, so I always wonder if these are somehow connected. I'm so sorry that happened to you and your son, it is so scary...I...
I wanted to comment again on this thread, it's been years since I first did. But I want to share what has worked for me. First off...I started medication. Wow, I wish I had done that a long time ago. I was so scared to take medication...what about side effects? Will I damage my body? What if it doesn't work? I should be able to do the natural thing! No. My brain was chemically imbalanced and I needed the help. Now I feel so much better that if I had to stay on...
I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. Do you get much time to yourself to think and be alone? Have any friends you can vent to IRL? Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and I hope you can get to a better place!
Just wanted to send Sounds like you've been through a lot. Not sure if I'm much help about getting out of ruts because I seem to get into them often and can't stay out! I would say that since starting zoloft, it has helped tremendously. So maybe you need to go back to the doc and re-figure your meds? Hang in there....
How did it go Journeymom? I am in a similar boat as you, but I don't need a job for financial reasons...which makes it all the harder to go and find one. But I'm fairly sure that having one will improve my life.
I'm not much help, but just wanted to offer a Sometimes, I'm in the same boat and the only thing I can figure out that works for me somewhat is to just be able to get away and be alone for awhile. Well, that and talking to a good friend but it sounds like currently you don't have that option. I'm so sorry...I hope things get better for you.
I didn't read the whole thread, but that sounds EXACTLY like my son at that age. Frankly I just kind of gave up and basically ignored it. However, I did make him go to the bathroom at certain times (at least try). I made it like, it was the rule. Now he is 6.5 and he still has trouble going when he needs to. He pretty much waits till the last minute and then is hopping up and down trying to get on the toilet. I don't know what to do at this point, but I guess he'll...
I've been there and I strongly suggest meds and therapy.
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