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I have a friend who did that, I'll try and remember to ask her what she thought of it.
I just got one at Costco. It was a bit of a splurge, yes, but it makes the BEST smoothies. No chunks or seeds left. I LOVE it.
I'm sorry mama! Is there anyway to get some help? I usually go stay at my mom's when my DP is gone on the weekends. I hope it gets better soon.
True, but I still want to know, while you're saving up to pay cash for a house, you have to pay rent somewhere, right? So you need to add that cost in as well.
I love it!
Can't view the pics! You can embed them right into your post now...
It probably is cheaper to just rent but if you were to save up for a house, you'd be renting at the same time anyway, so what's the difference between that and paying interest? My house has gone down in value and we owe probably about 50k more than it's worth. It is depressing, but at the same time, we still have a house that we can do what we want with, I can hang dry my laundry, have a garden, big yard for the kids...plus, I like knowing that when the mortgage is paid,...
Hi ladies, I just wanted to check in here, not sure if what I have qualifies but...I just got my period back just after my son turned two. So he turned 2 in December and I have had two periods now. In February, just the day before I started I had a major raging temper tantrum and I was just in a foul mood for two days and then BAM I started and I felt fine. I thought it might just be stress related because we had an out of town visitor, but now today I was having...
Man, today was TERRIBLE!! I was very rough with my 5yo when I asked him to get dressed for the millionth time and he's running around like a crazy man. And I was just very short-tempered and irritable today. I'm wondering if it doesn't have something to do with my cycle...hmmm....off to check that out.
That's awesome Ldavis! So glad your hubby is on board.
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