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So is the bill only that we have been informed? Not that they agree that we are not vaccinating?
I had written my reps and they said they would vote no...it was Val Stevens.
I have to add that we are redoing our kitchen/taking trips, etc with cash. We do currently have our FFEF so I am putting aside $$ for all the stuff we're doing this summer. Plus if DP sells the bike that will be more $$ and I forgot to add our tax refund which will be $2700.
I'm in again. Although I I'm on BS3/4/5 and it feels like we will be there FOREVER. So I've really run out of motivation/goals. We have no debt but the mortgage and a really small student loan (which according to DR I should just pay, and I may do here as soon as it comes out of deferment). So currently I'm throwing about 10% into 401k, an extra $300 at the mortgage each month (just started doing that) and the rest extra is going to savings. We are redoing our kitchen...
Usually from ovulation to the onset of my period (which I just got back when ds turned 2) nursing hurts! It's totally annoying and I don't let him nurse for long.
I am kinda annoyed too because she knows I may not be able to go and her other friend obviously can't go and the only other people who are going are her mother, sister and cousin who all live in states nearby Vegas. The rest of us live in WA. But hey, it's her party. I just hate Vegas. Personally, I would go for a three day hike in the woods for my bachelorette party!
But for your very best friend in the whole world? My friend is like a sister to this girl. And she asked her DH and he said no. No questions, no discussion. My friend was talking to me about how worried she is for this friend, I can't imagine at least having a discussion about the trip with my spouse and then both coming to a conclusion that suits everyone.
We got ours from ehealthinsurance.com.
Ha! That's funny. I think I do that too. For some reason I still think of myself as a "new member" so anyone who has been here longer than me I think must be wiser. And anybody that hasn't been here as long as I have, a newbie. Which is totally ridiculous, I know.
I'm in! It's so hard, alright damn near impossible, not to yell when I've said ds1's name 4-5 times and he is completely off in la-la land. DS!!!!!!!!!! What mom? Grrrrrrrrrrrr
New Posts  All Forums: