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Oh, one more thing I wanted to add was to get together with friends when AT ALL POSSIBLE. Like, alot. I am more of an extrovert so I really need adult interaction. It has taken some time and lots of effort on my part but I finally feel like I have a few good friends that I can go visit/they can come over and it really helps tremendously.
Yes! I am there with you. There is another thread around here about "SAHMs with partners who work 70+ hours a week" that has a lot of good support and maybe some ideas. My DP has been working out of town Mon-Thurs for about 9 mos now and it is the hardest thing I've been through. I truly feel like I might go out of my mind sometimes. And I hear you about having DP come home on the weekend, it seems to just make things harder sometimes. Having him gone has put a giant...
We can and have gone out for an overnight, DS1 stays with MIL or my mom or my sister. He is very comfortable at any of those places so we do not worry. Haven't left DS2 yet, but I'm ready! He is nightweaned so as soon as an opportunity arises to get away, I'm planning on taking it. With or without my DP As for date nights, we can get those whenever we want so yeah, we try to do it often. DP works out of town during the week though so I think it's hard for him to...
Yeah, we don't have TV either but I spend just as much time with netflix. Once I had DP hide the router cord. That lasted a day. I do feel better if I can force myself to take a day or so break, kinda makes me remember what else there is to do.
Yeppers. I desperately want to instill a no-screen-time week for our family but I haven't done it yet. There is just so much exciting stuff on the internet! Videos, information, history, email, facebook, mothering, twws , music, friends, tv shows, documentaries, connection....oh where does it end. I do have a goal this summer while the kid is out of school to go to the Y every morning and try to have some activity every day. This way I am not at home so I can't just...
I'm sorry, I don't have anything helpful to say but I just wanted to let you know I read your post and I hope that you can find peace at some point. I feel overwhelmed too, but for different reasons.
Hmmm...I hope you don't know about this from experience!
Actually, the vibe here used to be awesome, way back when it was less moderated (before you were here rhianna813). A little before you got here it started becoming much more heavily moderated to the point of ridiculousness. I think a lot of the recent posting has been backlash from old posters (pre-2008) that were upset with the heavy-handed moderation. I'm hoping that this place can again become what it was, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen.
If your dog poops on the sidewalk, PICK IT UP!!! Or at the very least try to flick it into the grass (which I am still not OK with but it's better). I really don't like to walk in and/or have my child ride their bike through dog poo.
Actually (and correct me if I'm wrong here folks) I think it's the older members who want LESS moderation. NOT rainbows and sunshine support. Back to the way it was BEFORE the hardcore moderation. At least that's where I stand. And I consider myself somewhat of an older member. Hmmm...or maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean...
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