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I am personally happy to see MDC go back to a less moderated forum where people are allowed to discuss and disagree. Frankly, I've never posted much over the last couple of years for fear that I was "doing it wrong". I really miss the people that used to be here and all the various opinions. The vibe now (for me) seems to be glossed-over perfection, with no room for non-ap error. I admit, I was starting to feel guilty for some of the things I do and that I couldn't...
What's the problem with bringing up old threads? Just curious...
Still here, same ol' same ol'. Although I'm looking forward to summer break just so I can go stay at my mom's or do some trips and not have to be at home. Plus DP will be working days so on the weekend he won't be needing to stay up late and sleep late to be on the same schedule. SO excited that he'll be UP with us. And damnit, he will be . No more sleeping in for him. How is everyone else doing?
This is all SO very interesting!! I feel like someone just cleaned my glasses of the fog.
Can we all just agree to disagree already? Everyone is doing the best they can with their child and just because someone chooses to do things differently than you does NOT mean they are judging you or that one or the other loves or cherishes their kid any less. I personally would like to see this thread get back to the original topic.
Personally, I would not. Even if it was the flu, but I don't really take my kids to the doc unless it's something that seems really serious (which has never really happened!). Any illnesses they have had generally went away after awhile. I suppose if it persisted for weeks and she was not feeling well, unable to eat, lethargic, then maybe I would take her. Hope she gets well soon!
I have one niece, 14, who I love like a daughter! My sister and I are VERY close and I was there when my niece was born. I was only 18 at that time and my sister was a single mom so for the first two years of my niece's life we all lived together with my mom. She is my only niece and will probably be the only one. She loves my boys SO much...
My 5yo was like that. In fact, he was 5.5 before he really decided he was ok with the pool. I would just do like the pp said and keep taking him and letting him explore the pool on his own timetable. Eventually he'll figure it out. I know how frustrating it is!
I haven't posted yet, but I don't understand why this thread is distasteful. My good friend's son has autism, on the lower functioning end, and she is the biggest "questioner" of what causes autism that I know. Of course she doesn't want this for her son! It is A LOT of work for her and she is constantly seeking answers. Be they food allergies, gut dysbiosis, genetic, what-have-you. My son also displays perhaps Aspergers symptoms and yes, I would give anything to...
Oh trust me, by the time Monday rolls around, I'm looking forward to the week with just me and the kids! Then by Thursday I can't wait for him to get home.
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