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I suffer from the same thing. I've tried hard over the years and I feel like at times I feel pretty good about myself, but then somehow I always sink back down into the crappy-feeling, negative-self-talking person. I too tried the affirmations (for like a week ) and I guess I just kind of gave up. Linda - What cds have you found to be good for daily affirmations? I have one from Louise Hay but it has a lot of other talk in it that drives me nuts and I can't skip around...
Actually, my DP and I are both youngest children. I guess I do have confidence, I mean, I try new things and try to step out of my comfort zone. It's really hard for me though. Like to reach out to a new friend, or make a phone call, or I don't know...it just takes a lot out of me, it takes a ton of energy to do those things. Maybe the word I'm looking for is self-worth. I'm working on that, but it's like a roller coaster. Some days I'm feeling pretty good, then out...
Ha! That's totally how I saw it too.
Off the top of my head, I want to meet Linda on the Move and Stormbride, but I'm sure there are TONS more that would be cool to meet! Oh yeah, another one is journeymom.
I have lots of anger too! I am really trying to work on it, but it's HARD. I think therapy is a great place to start. I am reading a book called "Feeling good, the new mood therapy" and it's about cognitive therapy. I haven't tried it yet, but I want to because it seems like it gives you things to do when not in therapy that will help you along. So sorry, not much advice, but just to let you know that you're not alone!
I've made this recipe before and I love it!!
I would eat it!
Thanks again! I just started reading the book "Feeling Good" by David somebody, it was recommended by someone on this board, but I can't remember who. IT IS AWESOME. I realize that so much of my lack of confidence comes from putting myself down constantly. I can't wait to read the rest of this book!
My kids call me mommy and occasionally my oldest calls me mom. I don't think I realized that I might like mama better until it was too late! But in my family of origin, mommy is the norm and that's what I called my mom when I was younger so that's all I knew.
Thank you for replying. And thanks for the link, that was good. Maybe I should print it out and post somewhere! Although I'd probably never look at it. I have been to therapy in the past, but it did not end well (therapist turned out to be kinda nasty to me) so I haven't gone since. But I think I want to go again. The only thing is I'd have to pay out of pocket for a good one (crappy insurance). But at this point, I think I'm willing to spend the money. It is...
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