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I like having the bucket too!! Especially in the winter, now that it's summer we're switching to a convertible. I'm a combo mom, I like to sling her when she's awake, but I don't like to wake her, not so much a problem now as she is getting older she doesn't sleep as much in the car. SHe dosen't always liked to be in the sling either! It all depends on her mood. Good luck making your choice!
Hope to SEE you all soon!
I did my first SG/WS yesterday and I am so happy with how fresh and clean they smelled!! And dd's little bottom was not red at all today!
I sold some cricketts on ebay real fast! and for more than I actually paid for them!! Granted I sunned out the stains before posting them!! I would do that, I have trid to get rid of stuff on the trading post, but it just doesn't seem to work forme!
I'm so glad I read this!! I've been so frustrated with waking up all night!! It's not like I don't like it, I'm just so tired and we don't co-sleep so I actually have to wake up to get DD and feed her, now I feel much better about it! I'll just think to myself that she's getting the good fats and brain boosters!! She's really cuddly then too, i'd probably miss not waking with her!
I've had this problem with TTO too. I also didn't figure it out right away! We have been rash free, unless I eat strawberries!, ever since!
It is 100% alpaca, why will this be bad? I can just keep using them as regular pants if I have too, they are just too cute! i knew I should have asked this earlier, I'm in the middle of making another pair, if they aren't going to work I'll stop and making something else with the yarn. I really want some real working longies..... Thanks for the info..
I've been knitting longies, I'm on my third pair and it dawned on me that I'm not sure if the wool I'm using is really the best. It's hand dyed Alpaca, I actually haven't used them as longies yet, so I don't know how well they work. I love them as pants, but think I'm ready to move on to actually using them for the proper purpose. My real question here is what kind of wool yarn do you like best? What is easiest to knitt with? And do i need to lanolize before use? ...
I just decided to bite the bullet and order some fancier WAHM dipes, I love them!! I got some Muttaqins and peewells and el bee baby, all used, but so nice!! I did get one new Muttaqins and then I also ordered from Bella Bottoms on Ebay. She makes the nicest diapers!! I just have to share how much her dipes have improved! I order from Bella Bottoms off Ebay when I was still pg and the dipes I got them were nice, but her new ones are even better! She has improved on the...
I know it's posted here all the time, but tday I cant seem to find a thread that will help me out. I don't use a lot of hemp, but the stuff I have sure smells!!! Any Advice??
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