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has anyone tried these and what did you think??? they are on ebay right now and thought I might try them... Thanks!
My dd is almost 5 months and has been grabing for the dogs face the last 3 weeks. She laughs when he licks her hand gets surprised when he licks her face. She seems to want attentino from him as much as she does from the rest of the family. Good luck and have fun!
I just want to stick up for the dh's in this case, but first I do not think CIO is a solution, especially with a infant! I hear a lot of older people saying that it's good to let babies cry, my father tells me this all the time. At some point these people were told that it was good for the babies lungs, my childhood ped told my parents this, I know my mom didn't listen, but my dad obviously did. I can't hold it against him or talk badly about his parenting because a dr...
Thanks for the info!! The biggest thing I'm wondering about still, is after rinsing do you ring out the diaper?? I can't imagine putting a dripping wet diaper in the pail!
I've been using cloth since we got home from the hospital, I have had nothing but good things to say about it untill Josie ate a bannana!!! The poop was soo wierd, I wasn't expecting it! I had never had to dunk and rinse or try to scrap of poo, it was terrible! Her poop was a mix of Bm poop and more solid stuff, making it hard to clean up. Okay I'm sure you all get what kind of poop I'm talking about and I imagine some of you have been in this spot!! We are not...
I've heard alittle drier time is good for BSWW's. I put mine in for about 15min, I think it helps seal the material so it won't leak! I still consider myself pretty new to cloth, but this is what i've heard here and elsewhere! HTH!!
Thanks gr8tful, it is cord!! I have made 3 out of cord and have been so happy with them. There is this great little hippie baby boutique that is going to sell some of them for me. I didn't use a pattern I just looke dat several different mt's and decided what qualities I like the best and put them together. I love making them, and hope I can just sell a few now and again, not a business just some extra bucks! We're all stuffed up today!! I hope I can get a nap in...
It doesn't seem like it's going to be as easy as I thought. Would this be the same thing I would have to do with cotton? I use mostly prefolds and thought about dyeing them before giving them to a friend, it'll cover up any stains that might remain and I think that helps people want to use cloth. Thanks!!
I finally added some pictures to shutterfly, it was so much fun to look through everyone elses!! I should be getting to bed! Josie is almost ready and I'm beat! Goodnight!
I would like to dye some of my hemp dipes, what would you use to dye yours?? I've used kool aide on wool, but I'm guessing it won't work on hemp??? Thanks for th input!
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